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Zika: The Cost of Doing Nothing

The Zika epidemic has spread like wildfire through Latin America. Yet the global and national responses have remained slow.

An Avon-Like Approach to Lifesaving Health Care

Chuck Slaughter might be the founder of Living Goods—one of the most innovative health delivery organizations in the world—but when he started out, he was a struggling serial entrepreneu

Women Deliver Starts with Stories from Health Care’s Front Lines

“If we can empower frontline health workers, we empower women, we empower families, and we empower the whole community.” —Dr.

Community Nursing through the Eyes of a Nurse

Nurses in rural health facilities in Zambia have so much responsibility leading frontline teams of health workers.

Nurses Will Take Zambia to Universal Health Coverage

Last week, Zambia launched a secret weapon: nurses. That’s right. Zambia may have found a way to move toward universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals through the leadership of its own existing health workers.

A Real-Life Cinderella: Remembering My Mother

Where am I? I am in the shower, and, out of the blue, a serendipitous thought invades my mind. I HAVE BECOME A REAL LIFE CINDERELLA.