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Why Is that Guy Tap Dancing? And Other Frequently Asked Questions about the Arts at SwitchPoint

April 19, 2018
Most of the 350+ people who come to this North Carolina conference aren’t artists. That’s the point.

Teen Clubs in Namibia Are Shaping a New Future for Kids with HIV

April 16, 2018
For some kids, adolescence began with a diagnosis. These health workers are helping them navigate all that comes with it.

A Traditionally Circumcising Society in Tanzania Welcomes the HIV Prevention Benefits of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision

April 12, 2018
Since 2011, IntraHealth International has reached more than 960,000 boys and men in Tanzania with VMMC. 

IntraHealth International’s SwitchPoint Conference to Spotlight New and Creative Advances in Social Good

Roya Mahboob at SwitchPoint 2017
Roya Mahboob presents at SwitchPoint 2017. Photo by Ted Richardson for IntraHealth International.

New Digital Libraries Improve Learning at Uganda’s Health Training Institutions

students in uganda
Pharmacy students in Uganda. Photo by Tommy Trenchard for IntraHealth International.

Community Liaisons Are Resourceful and Persistent

April 06, 2018
This week, we’re featuring stories from frontline health workers all over the world. It’s just one of the ways we’re celebrating World Health Worker Week 2018. 

A Community Health Worker's Dispatch from Arizona

April 05, 2018
She was starving. She couldn’t help but eat the tomato.