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3 Big Ideas Emerge from the 2018 World Health Assembly

June 18, 2018
Is the World Health Organization reembracing its original principles?

5 Questions with WHO’s Jim Campbell

June 08, 2018
We talked with the director of the WHO’s Health Workforce Department during his visit to North Carolina’s global health belt.

Women on the Rise in Global Health: Q&A with a Malian Trailblazer

June 14, 2018
How can more women rise to leadership positions in global health and beyond? Hawa Diallo has some ideas.

3 Ways To Invest in Interoperable Health Information Systems

June 05, 2018
These are the paths that will lead us beyond lofty goals and onto practical action.

Storytelling Training Leads Frontline Health Workers to Advocate at the Highest Levels of Governance

Samalie Kitoleko
Samalie Kitoleko, a registered nurse at the Uganda Heart Institute and storytelling trainee. Photo by Malaika Media for IntraHealth International.

After Fifty Long Years with Obstetric Fistula, Two Women Reclaim Their Dignity

May 21, 2018
They spent most of their lives with the condition, but now two septuagenarians in Mali are healed—and they’re on a mission.