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Why We All Need to Ask: Who's Doing It Better?

This post originally appeared on Devex.Editor's note: Catherine Cheney presented on solutions journalism at the

Intentional Serendipity Took Center Stage at SwitchPoint 2016

On my way home from SwitchPoint 2016, I reflected on intentional serendipity—an overarching theme that emerged from an event where hundreds of passionate humanitarians came to connect.

A Filmmaker and a Physician Walk into a Vasectomy

While making a personal film about my own complex journey through fatherhood, I met Dr. Doug Stein.

Are the Elderly at Risk of the Zika Virus?

IntraHealth's Kate Tulenko talks with Caring.com about how home-based health workers can address Zika virus

Resilient Health Systems: What Will it Take to Crack the Nut?

Resiliency as a concept is not new.The Rockefeller Foundation has been a leading voice in resilience over the last five years and has a compelling articulation on it

Kenya's Health Workforce Looks to Technology for Training in Family Planning

These days, many of us are glued to our mobile phones. We use them for texting, looking up directions, playing word games, or listening to music. Using them to talk seems secondary.

SwitchPoint: Is it a Festival or a Conference?

We laugh at and struggle with this question every year.