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In Koulikoro, Malian Women with Fistula Find Compassion and Solidarity

As I listened to the obstetric health histories of the women who came to the Koulikoro referral health center in Mali last month, I got a brief introduction to how obstetric fistula

Digital Health and the New World

Imagine a scenario where information—really important and meaningful information that could help millions of people—is stored in a way that makes it seemingly impossible to access.

From Zero Doctors to Three: A Transformation at Bukwo General Hospital

Imagine a woman enduring a two-hour motorcycle ride on a bumpy road as she suffers with obstructed labor.Imagine that when she arrives at the hospital, which serves over 4,000 clients, it does not have a single doctor on staff.In fact, imagi

On World Humanitarian Day, Remember Local Health Workers

When you think of a humanitarian, what image comes to mind? A foreign aid worker? A group of missionaries? Maybe a few American celebrities stirring trans-Atlantic compassion?

To Achieve an AIDS-Free Generation, We Need More Problem Solvers

My professional interests and work priorities are centered on HIV prevention and treatment programs, particularly working with key populations, prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT), male involvement,

We Have the Tools, the Technology, and the Numbers

I just learned that I’m part of the largest cohort of young people to ever live.

Driving the Development Conversation with JadedAid

When we first envisioned JadedAid, we thought we’d make a fun little game we could play with friends while we shared a few beers.Along the development process, we realized that JadedAid had the potential to