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Much to Celebrate on World Contraception Day 2015

Here at IntraHealth International, we’re excited.One of our very favorite days is coming up, a day that highlights many of the issues we care about most—equity, maternal health, women’s empowerment,

In Madagascar, Health Workers Can Help Survivors of Violence Break the Silence

In Madagascar, 30% of women report that they experienced at least one type of violence in the last year, such as physical abuse at the hands of a spouse or intimat

Social Service Workforce Week Celebrates Community-Level Workers

Community health workers can have a tremendous impact on health and wellbeing, particularly for the most vulnerable among us.

CDC Looks Ahead as Ebola Challenges Continue in West Africa

A medical student in Guinea doesn’t reveal that he was exposed to Ebola when he’s admitted to a Conakry hospital, where he then shares a room.By the time he is diagnosed with the virus, a visitor of the roommate has fallen ill and taken a do

In Tanzania, Medical Circumcision Services Rely on a Predominantly Female Nursing Workforce

In November 2010, Tanzania embarked on a nationwide campaign to scale up medical circumcision—which can decrease a man’s risk of HIV infection by at least 60%—in regions where men traditionally do not undergo it.