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On World Population Day, Let's Do More for the World

Today is World Population Day, an annual event established in 1989 to focus attention on critical issues related to population.In late 2015, the United Nations adopted the

Have an Unmet (Contraceptive) Need?

“Do you want to get pregnant in the next two years?”How would you answer this question?

Out with 'Family' Planning, In with 'Future' Planning

In Kenya, the “Future Fab” teen lifestyle brand is taking off.

Inspired by Real Heroes

When we listen to the news, read the papers, or follow social media, we hear so much about people committing atrocious crimes against each other.

Tool Helps Prioritize Vulnerable Households in Uganda, Lesotho, and South Sudan

Today, the Day of the African Child, we focus on the needs of vulnerable children on the continent and a success taking place right now, through adaptation of a tool built for one country being applied in two more to help children.The succes

Africa Will Be Short 6 Million Health Workers by 2030

Sub-Saharan African populations and economies are growing at unprecedented speed with a population growth of 2.7% annually and 

Research Team Asks a Big Question about Community Health in Zambia

In fall 2015, the Primary Health Care for Communities (PHC2C) consortium conducted a formative assessment of community health in Zambia.