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A First Responder on the Front Lines of the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

Doa’a is a health program officer in Yemen working for International Medical Corps.

Young People Need HIV Care and Services, Too

Let’s face it—when it comes to HIV care in many countries, adolescents are often left behind. And Namibia is no exception.In several regions in Namibia, there are few—if any—health services that cater specifically to young people.

Respectful Maternity Care is Everyone’s Responsibility

“Women are not dying because of untreatable diseases.

Where Are the DRC’s Doctors and Nurses? iHRIS Data Give Us Hints

Poring over data from his native Democratic Republic of Congo this summer, Jean Lambert Chalachala uncovered some interesting—and troubling—aspects of the DRC’s health workforce.For one thing, he says, a third of the nurses for whom there ar

Haiti’s Need for Mental Health Services, Before and After the Quake

When people find out that I experienced the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, they are understandably curious.But when I tell the story, even five years later, my heart rate rises. I get goosebumps. My palms sweat.

Courage to Change Child and Youth Lives

“My dream has always been to work with children,” said Siphiwe Sikhasa, between games at the soccer field at the Safe Park in Grabouw, South Africa.Just 45 minutes outside of cosmopolitan Cape Town, the small town with dirt roads looks like

A Walk through Maternal Health Care in Rural India with mSakhi

The two-room health center in Jhansi District has two beds, a chair, and a table.