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Dads Can Help Reduce Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission in Tanzania

More than 40,000 children are born with HIV each year in Tanzania.

Tipping the Scale: Lessons from the mHealth Forum about Investments in Collaboration

Much was said at the inaugural Global mHealth Forum in Washington, DC, December 10-11, about bringing mHealth innovations and programs “to scale.”From harnessing i

Uganda Brings Ebola Expertise to the West African Response

More than 30 Ugandans—among them doctors, nurses, health educators, and social workers—have gone to West Africa since August to join the effort to control the ongoing Ebol

Attacks on Health Workers Violate Everyone's Human Rights

A doctor’s job is to save lives. But in Syria, Dr.

A Return to Monrovia in the Time of Ebola

Monrovia, Liberia  Every time I walk into a building, I wash my hands at a station with chlorine and water before someone takes my temperature.Sometimes I have to wear a sticker with my temperature written