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Do you trust your tools?

There's a budding conversation on "trust" over in the twitterverse. I began a draft post a while back that compared Tor (the amazing privacy and anti-censorship network and all privacy-protecting software to condoms.

Using big data to take the pulse on climate change

Sara Cornish
Global Pulse is pleased to launch

Fallacies of entrepreneurship

I've been involved in the so-called 'Silicon Savannah' to varying degrees since almost the beginning of this incarnation of the tech/software industry in Kenya.

Women's rights at the 2014 IGF

17 September 2014
(GenderIT.org for APCNews)

Over the years, APC’s Women’s Rights Programme (WRP) has actively parti

Mapping the Next Frontier of Open Data: Corporate Data Sharing

Guest post by Stefaan Verhulst
This guest blogpost is a follow-