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On Wednesday June

On Wednesday, June 20th, Matt Smith and Aura Bogado broke a harrowing story about the Shiloh Treatment Center, south of Houston, TX, one of the contractors the Trump administration is using to house migrant children who were separated from their parents.

7 Reasons to Use Call Centers for Data Collection

Call Center Data Collection

South Africa becomes the first country in the region to support community networks 400w" sizes=" 705px)

Listening and Patience Leads to More People Learning Online and with Mobile Education

Practitioners, entrepreneurs, tech employees, and foundation representatives gathered at the Asia Foundation in San Francisco for a Tech Salon to explore the question of: How Can Silicon Valley Help Improve Online Learning in Emerging Economies? The Salon featured discussion leads Amy Ahearn of +Acumen, Jason Bigman of Philanthropy University, and Elizabeth Kountze of Tostan, and...

3 Big Ideas Emerge from the 2018 World Health Assembly

June 18, 2018
Is the World Health Organization reembracing its original principles?

5 Questions with WHO’s Jim Campbell

June 08, 2018
We talked with the director of the WHO’s Health Workforce Department during his visit to North Carolina’s global health belt.

Women on the Rise in Global Health: Q&A with a Malian Trailblazer

June 14, 2018
How can more women rise to leadership positions in global health and beyond? Hawa Diallo has some ideas.

3 Ways To Invest in Interoperable Health Information Systems

June 05, 2018
These are the paths that will lead us beyond lofty goals and onto practical action.
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