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One Photo That Explains Why Organizations Should Work With VAS Vendors

Value Added Services (VAS) are an increasingly popular way to engage mobile phone owners, even in the most rural areas. In Bihar, for example, Unilever has established a mobile radio station that calls users to provide “infotainment” in the form of music, jokes, and of course ads for up to a 15-minute period. Of all...

Haiti’s Need for Mental Health Services, Before and After the Quake

When people find out that I experienced the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, they are understandably curious.But when I tell the story, even five years later, my heart rate rises. I get goosebumps. My palms sweat.

Why VAS Vendors Are Key to M4D Solutions

The “How to Work with VAS Vendors for M4D Impact?”, Technology Salon featured a lively discussion with Vijay Sai Pratap, Julia Burchell, and Kristen Roggemann. We focused on value-added service (VAS) vendors, the third-party organizations who create, integrate, launch, and maintain mobile services outside of ‘core’ Mobile Network Operator services: voice, SMS, and data. Participants...

Libraries Increase Access to Online Services in Myanmar

As Myanmar’s government ministries offer more comprehensive e-government services, rural communities have the most to gain because of their geographic isolation and limited resources.

Tablets in education

 the cure for what ails education?

tablets: the cure for

Courage to Change Child and Youth Lives

“My dream has always been to work with children,” said Siphiwe Sikhasa, between games at the soccer field at the Safe Park in Grabouw, South Africa.Just 45 minutes outside of cosmopolitan Cape Town, the small town with dirt roads looks like
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