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The past 30 days in technology for development

Video games, screen time and early childhood development

thre must be a screen here somewhere, where could it be?

there must be a screen here somewhere,

News Media Analysis of SDG Summit through new Partnership with Quid

Anoush Rima Tatevossian
Global Pulse is very pleased today to

The Fragility Within

International development, as we have conceived it over the last several decades, may not be dead, but it is dying.

Joint statement on Egypt: Presidential pardon frees some women human rights defenders, while others are still detained

2 October 2015
(Nazra for Feminist Studies)

The delay in the release of both Ms. Salwa Mihriz and Ms. Nahed Sherif is quite atrocious, especially that Ms. Mihriz’s release is halted by the fact that her name is not written correctly in the pardon decision. As for Ms.

Do telecom restrictive policies matter for telecom performance? Evidence from MENA countries

The past decade has witnessed a significant transformation in the trade and regulatory policies of the telecom sector across the MENA region. Many countries committed to opening up their telecom sector to trade and investment under WTO commitments. However, these commitments do not always reflect actual policies.

Small satellite constellations: The promise of 'Internet for All'

Over four billion people do not have access to Internet; that makes a huge two-thirds of the global population. In India, around four of every five people lack this basic resource. Various access technologies are being developed in different parts of the world to bridge the digital divide.

Fibre And Other Laws of Infrastructure

Last Sunday, I was fortunate enough to participate as a representative of  NSRC at an event at the United Nations to mark the launch of the US State Department’s new Global Connect initiative.

ITU Telecom World Forum 2015

(Budapest, Hungary) The annual ITU Telcom World Forum will include a session entitled "Data-rich, decision-making-poor: how to use big data for improved government actio

Going Digital: Using digital technology to conduct Oxfam’s Effectiveness Reviews

Since 2011, Oxfam GB has been conducting rigorous impact evaluations – Effectiveness Reviews – to help understand and provide evidence of whether its work is resulting in positive change in the lives of the women and men with whom and for whom it works.

Big Data for Development & Humanitarian Action: Towards Responsible Governance

(The Hague, the Netherlands) On October 23, 2015 Global Pulse & Leiden University will host an international expert meeting on “Big Data for Development and Humanitarian Action:Towards Responsible Governance” to be held on the margins of
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