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First-Mile Family Planning Can Help More Women Avoid Unintended Pregnancies

November 10, 2017
In the global health community, we often talk about reaching the “last mile”—generally those who live in the hardest-to-reach places of the world, farthest from the health services th

Strengthening Armenia’s Integrated Living Conditions Survey

Armenia is a small, lower middle-income country located in the highlands surrounding the mountains of Ararat. Armenia has only recently gained freedom, as late as 1991, and maintains positive relations with the rest of the world as the economy relies largely on investments and aid from Armenians abroad.

The NGO of the Future is Here—and It’s SDG-Ready

November 08, 2017
In September, as part of our journey to becoming a fit-for-purpose NGO of the future, IntraHealth International 

Graduates of Leadership Program Help Shape the Future of Health Workforce Development in Namibia

UTAP Leadership Development Program graduates
IntraHealth leaders and participants in the UTAP Leadership Development Program celebrated

Ghost Workers Aren’t Spooky—They’re Expensive

November 20, 2017
The Democratic Republic of the Congo found $2 million in savings when they used data to uncover absent health workers.

Finding hope… and dissing Lin-Manuel… at the Obama Foundation Summit

I just spent two days at the inaugural summit of the Obama Foundation, and I’m coming back from Chicago more enthusiastic about the state of civics than I have been in the past year.

3 Knowledge Management Practices to Strengthen Your Digital Health Project

November 02, 2017
How to learn from projects past—and avoid their mistakes.
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