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How a low-tech mobile app is changing the way Indonesia responds to disasters

Guest Post by Lulu Muhammad and Gina Meutia
Did you know that near

The Ulwazi Programme: Sharing Histories and Culture in Communities in South Africa

Digital information and ICTs have transformed how knowledge is dispersed in Africa. A digital library project called the Ulwazi Programme is helping to ensure that, through social technologies, everyone has equal access to aspects of their history and culture through technology.

Uganda Brings Ebola Expertise to the West African Response

More than 30 Ugandans—among them doctors, nurses, health educators, and social workers—have gone to West Africa since August to join the effort to control the ongoing Ebol

Teacher Engaging Parents to Address Teen Pregnancy in Mali

When Malian teacher Aissata Sankare arrived at Montclair High School in Montclair, California she was confused by the American high school students carrying plastic babies from class to class.

Using GIS Technology to Reach Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Populations

ACDI2Colombian GIS Expert Carlos Julio Neisa is always looking for innovative ways to use maps and geographic data.

Inveneo Welcomes a New Project Manager to the Team

Inveneo is happy to welcome our newest staff member, Kelly Doley, who recently joined the team as the Project Manager. Kelly brings a wealth of knowledge to the Inveneo environment.

Let There Be Light

Social entrepren

Does infrastructure mitigate the effect of urban concentration on poverty in developing countries?

The paper focuses on a poorly investigated issue, although highly challenging for developing countries, which is the nexus between urban concentration, poverty and infrastructure.

Trade and R&D externalities: iImpact on the cost of production of the Tunisian manufacturing sector

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a suitable methodology for estimating the extent to which less developed countries—namely Tunisia—that hardly invest in research and development benefit from R&D that is conducted in industrial countries.

Trade, transaction costs and TFP: evidence from Tunisia and Egypt

Increases in total factor productivity (TFP) are commonly associated with accumulation of knowledge through technological innovation and investment in R&D. However, organisational innovations also improve productivity through the reduction of transaction costs.

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