The Facebook Story of the Librarian

Rising Voices’ work supporting our grantee project Xela Civic Libraries took us to Guatemala on two occasions over the past two years, where I was pleased to have a reunion of sorts with Israel Quic.

Andrew Brown of People that Deliver: Share Your Stories on Strengthening the Supply Chain Workforce

Andrew Brown is eager to spread the word about what countries are doing to bolster their supply chain workforces. He’s the new executive director for People that Deliver.

Top of the Morning: Tacloban, Philippines: Three Months On

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Donors Pony Up For Humanitarian Appeal in the Sahel

Women Weave the Web: Global Tech Stories

Sharing the stories of women who are using the Internet to and digital technologies to change their local communities, World Pulse is has created a new program, Women Weave the Web, hoping to help break down the digital divide. Their goal is to crowdsource the knowledge of women working at a grassroots level, compiling problems and solution around digital inclusion and empowerment.

Tech Salon Summary: children, youth, migration and ICT

Migration is central to the current political debate as well as to the development discussion, especially in conversations about the “post 2015” agenda, the ‘youth bulge’, and youth employment. Prevention work is not likely to end migration, regardless of the organizations and governments working to improve the well-being of children and youth in their home communities.

Please RSVP: How Are Community Health Workers Using ICT?

Across the continent, Africans are receiving health care by frontline health workers in every situation imaginable, from modern hospitals to primary care facilities and health posts in rural villages. In most of these situations, there will probably be a mobile phone. There may even be more than that.

Garbage In, Healthcare Out

“We are building a system for manageme

Breaking Barriers for Women in Pakistan: The Women's Digital League

Before venturing into entrepreneurship,

Which ICT4D Projects Use Progressive Design Principles?


USAID is gathering information on ICT4D projects or activities that have embodied progressive project design principles to show how these principals can help technology projects be more effective, save money, and expand th

La gente humilde – a story about migration and coping

The scars you have. The wounds you inflict. The knots wrapped up in your perceptions and the memories that cross generations….
We are using Skype to call a landline in San Salvador. That side — a father and a grandmother — doesn’t understand how it works, doesn’t realize that this side – a son, a daughter, an ex-wife – is gathered around the computer, all listening.

Bollywood Karaoke and Same Language Subtitling to Promote Literacy

I'd like to teach the world to read, in perfect harmony ...While I have not seen any research evidence to support this particular 

Youth and Economic Opportunities

This youth-focused double issue is th

Seven Trends Shaping the Youth Employment Conversation

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