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The past 30 days in technology for development

A call for sanity – not innovation – in humanitarian tech.

If you’re a socially-focussed tech organisation working with refugees, it’s been a pretty tough few months. Not only have you had to deal with the ever-growing number of people fleeing conflict – now at record levels – but you’ve had to deal with the politics of the ‘humanitarian technology sector’.

Data Privacy Day Roundup

Global Pulse
The international data privacy and data protec

Mobile phone interventions for improving economic and productive outcomes for farm and non - farm rural enterprises and households in low and middle - income countries

The link between economic growth, development and the ability to communicate over distances is a topic that has been extensively debated in available literature. There are three possible impacts of improved communication technologies: they are beneficial in development terms, they are neutral; or they are harmful.

Teaming up with Academia to Accelerate Local Innovations

Pulse Lab Kampala
Pulse Lab Kampala is always looking for win-win co

How Can Libraries Empower Youth with Digital Skills?

Outside of school, many Moldovan students can have trouble finding a place to practice new skills and share newfound knowledge with others. Moldova’s public libraries are becoming modern venues equipped to let students and others practice skills

Youth Advocates Can Increase the Use of Modern Contraceptives, If We Listen to Them

I work with a group of passionate youth advocates for family planning in francophone West Africa. I love that I don’t need to guess or ask prying questions to figure out what they need.

Most powerful women in technology industry have been sexually harassed

60% of senior women in the tech industry say they've experienced unwanted sexual advances at work, according to a new survey.

8 Economic Barriers Responsible for India’s Gender Digital Divide

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Technology Justice: A call to action

This publication from Practical Action is a call to action for readers to join a movement for Technology Justice. The authors argue that while technology is at the heart of human development its benefits are not fairly shared. And the environmental impact of our use of technology is pushing our planet to crisis point.

Time for a top-down bottom-up development challenge?

Earlier last week I stumbled into a post on Chris Blattman’s website provocatively titled ‘Is this the most effective development program in history?‘ It in, he shares the story of how, in 2011, the Nigerian government handed out $60 million to 1,200 Nigerians – that’s a

Pakistan: Call for clarity on terms of lifting of YouTube ban

25 January 2016

Bytes for All, Pakistan and APC demand clarity from the government of Pakistan and Google regarding the terms agreed on.

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