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Doing good? Or do-gooder?

We all like to think our work makes a difference, even if we’re not really sure if it does. I’m well known for ‘doing good in the world’ yet even I question what that really means, or who precisely where might be better off in some way because of my chosen career path. For many people, feeling like they’re doing good is likely enough. For me, it’s not.

Being an Advocate for Family Planning Has Changed My Life—and My Future

July 05, 2017
Meet Abou, a youth ambassador in Guinea who knows firsthand the power of contraception—not just for family planning, but for future planning.  

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4 Ways to Gain Support for User Experience Design in International Development

  User Experience (UX) Design is, for many companies, a mainstream part of product or project development.  There are employees whose entire job is UX, or at least is spelled out as a specific step in meeting goals, whether it’s building an app or deciding the appropriate technology of how to engage with a community....

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mSakhi: Digitizing Health Care at the Grass Roots

June 28, 2017
This app is revolutionizing health care for moms and babies in Jhansi, India.

Celebrating Love without Unwanted Pregnancy

June 27, 2017
Young advocates in Mali spread information about family planning and reproductive health services.
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