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Creating a pioneering Open Data ecosystem in Russia

Two years have passed since the World Bank’s information and communications technologies (ICT) team conducted the world’s first Open Data Readiness Assessment in Russia’s Ulyanovsk region.

mHero May Be the Tech Response to Ebola that Liberia's Health Workers Need

mHero operates using open data standards based on OpenHIE and is extensible through a number of tools developed in the mHealth ecosystem, including IntraHealth’s iHRIS.

Research findings on technology-based violence against women launched at 59th session of the CSW

12 March 2015
(Flavia Fascendini for APCNews)

The Association for Progressive Communications Women’s Rights Programme (APC WRP) ha

Mobile services: a game-changer for the greater good

Mobile services are the extension services of inclusion.  Increasingly, the world’s poor – and especially the bottom 40 percent in terms of income – are being reached via mobile devices by government agencies, development partners, banks, companies and others. 

Ushahidi v3.0.0-beta.15 is live!

Team v3 has been hard at work on the release of Ushahidi v3.0.0-beta.15!

Winners Announced!

Harassmap’s Research “Effectiveness of Crowdsourced Data.”

Guest blog post by Amel Fahmy, Co-Founder of Harassmap, Principle Investigator of “Towards a Safer City. Sexual Harassment in Greater Cairo: Effectiveness of Crowdsourced Data.”

Health Workforce Education: Investing in the Next Generation of Health Workers

Event Date: 
April 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 Health Workforce Education: Investing in the Next Generation of Health Workers

Departmentalizing innovation

A common trend amongst larger companies nowadays is the creation of a formalized department or section within the organization that specializes in innovation.

Inveneo Launches ARM Micro-Data Center Design Challenge 2015

March 11, 2015 San Francisco, CA - Inveneo, in partnership with ARM Limited, will launch a solar powered Micro-Data Center Design Challenge, starting on March 11th, 2015. The top prize for the competition is $10,000 and the winning design will be built and deployed in the developing world.

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