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Iraq Household Survey And Policies For Poverty Reduction Project

The Iraqi Household Survey is a project which is being undertaken as a part of the Poverty Reduction Project. The policies that are under this project aim to increase chances of employment so that the government can regain its lost strength. The whole project is undertaken by the World Bank.

Nurses Are Boosting Tanzania’s HIV Prevention Efforts in the Lake Zone Regions

November 30, 2017
"At last, the nation recognizes nurses can do more than nursing care.”

We Need to Ramp Up Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Services to Reach an AIDS-Free Generation

November 29, 2017
We should prioritize the scale-up of VMMC interventions. It's cost-effective and saves lives.

These Are the Winners of the Data for Climate Action Challenge

Global Pulse
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Geospatial Solutions for Sustainable Development

(New York, USA) The Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) together with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are organizing a "Second Discovery Day" in New York on 6 December 2017. 

Global Health Is a Cause We Can All Get Behind

November 27, 2017
None of us can afford to ignore the plights of other countries.
“What is IntraHealth anyway?”
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