Sharp suits, warm beer – Guinness, sapeurs and the seduction of Congolese fashion

A Guinness ad featuring a group of splendidly-dressed men from Congo-Brazzaville, called Le Sapeurs, is making a splash online.

How UNFIRE helps feed Nigeria at a bargain price

Social entrepreneur

Picturing Our Work: Delivering Over a Thousand Textbooks for Students in Nigeria

Last month, CapacityPlus delivered much-needed textbooks and other educational materials to 11 schools of health technology and midwifery in Nigeria. Here I am shaking hands with Sampson Tita, the principal of a school of health technology in Nassarawa State.

Now Accepting Applications for the Global UGRAD Program

Undergraduate students from Eurasia and Central Asia interested in studying in the US can now apply for the Global UGRAD in Eurasia & Central Asia program (Global UGRAD). The Department of State’s 2014-2015 Global UGRAD program brings selected un

Three Ways for Health Workers to Mitigate a Hidden Global Crisis

This post originally appeared on the Frontline Health Workers Coalition Blog.The birth of a child is typically a time

On the Ground, for the People: Nuba Reports

Life in Nuba. Republished with the authorisation of Nuba Reports.Life in Nuba. Republished with the authorisation of Nuba Reports.

Youth Leader Bringing Change to Kosovo

College student Biljana is an active local community leader, motivated to effect change in Kosovo.

What We Know About the World’s Children. In Numbers

UNICEF today released an impressive report which takes a deep dive into data and statistics that affect children worldwide.

Top of the Morning: Egypt Puts al Jazeera Journalists on Trial

Top stories from DAWNS Digest
Egypt Puts Al Jazeera Journalists on Trial

Conversation with a Nigerian Nurse

This is an excerpt of a post that originally appeared on the iHRIS Blog.Oluchukwu Ifele is a nurse by training, with a focus on nursing education and midwifer
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