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In Central America, New Adherence Promoters Keep HIV Clients on Treatment

March 02, 2018
Carlos considered dropping out of everything. Then he met Aracely, an adherence promoter.

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We Can Fix the Nursing Shortage in NC—and around the World

March 01, 2018
In just six years, there could be over a million vacancies for registered nurses. But we can still avoid it.

6 Reasons Why WhatsApp is a Game Changer for International Development

Quickly messaging people via computing technology is not a new activity. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) started in 1988, and we’ve gone through messaging service peaks with AOL, Yahoo, Blackberry, and SMS. Now there is a new wave of messaging apps and it’s Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp’s turn. As one participant said at...

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