Mali Gets a Mention in State of the Union. But To What End?

Here is a key passage of the President’s State of the Union address last night relevant to the United Nations.

Top of the Morning: New Polio Strain in Pakistan

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New Strain of Polio Discovered in Pakistan

A BRCK Update – Jan 2014

It’s been a busy few months for the BRCK team, as now the company has spun outside of Ushahidi and is it’s own commercial entity.

Life in an Indigenous Paraguay Community

Our micrograntee, Ache djawu (Aché word) has been using photography to document local indigenous culture in Paraguay, through their Facebook page and blog. We also made a recent visit for a citizen media workshop.

Micro-health insurance: how and why it works in Indonesia

Keeping waste out of landfills?

The Climate Change-Conflict Nexus

Does climate change cause conflict? The question is more than theoretical, and may have profound consequences at the United Nations and for the effort to reach an internationally binding climate change agreement.

Washington Fellowship Internship Host Information Now Available

The Washington Fellowship, the flagship program of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative, seeks to place 100 African Fellows at US companies, civic organizations, and

2.7.2 Bug Fix Release

Its been a couple of months since our last code update on 2.x. As you all know, we are just maintaining this version of the platform, in preparation for the new version of Ushahidi, dubbed v3, which is currently in Alpha. This means that we aren’t actively building in new features, but only doing bug fixes and taking in pull requests from our community.

Why the Security Council Won’t Authorize a Peacekeeping Mission for CAR

Things are bad in the Central African Republic. But will the UN Security Council approve a peacekeeping mission to help transform the conflict?

New Resource Spotlight: iHRIS Train, an Open Source Tool for Managing Health Worker Education and Training

Health workforce leaders now have a new tool they can count on to better know and manage their health workforces. iHRIS Train manages data on the education of health professionals—both before entering the profession and while in service.

Top of the Morning: Conflict Forced Nearly 100,000 to Flee South Sudan

Top stories from DAWNS Digest. 
Civil Conflict Makes Nearly 100,000 South Sudanese Into Refugees

Here’s How to Improve Factory Safety in Bangladesh

Ed note. I am pleased to welcome David Atkins to UN Dispatch. David lives in California where he is president of the research consulting firm The Pollux Group. He is a contributor to the popular blog Digby’s Hullabaloo. 

Tech Talent and Expat Bubbles – Kenya Edition

(Note: cathartic, bloated essay forthcoming, read at your peril)
Say you are a Kenyan web designer living in Seattle, do you think anyone cares that you came from Kenya? No, they only care that you are a great web designer.

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