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Why teachers need social and emotional learning too

How can integrated SEL practices help both teachers and students?

Six-Year Collaboration Strengthens Mali’s Health Workforce

At an event in Bamako last month, CapacityPlus and the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene shared key results of their six-year collaboration to strengthen Mali’s health workforce.

International Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics

(Abu Dhabi, UAE) Three-day conference related to the UN Global Working Group on Big Data for Official Statistics.


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​Are we heading towards a jobless future?

From the wheel to the steam engine, from the car to ‘New Horizons’ — an inter-planetary space probe capable of transmitting high-resolution images of Pluto and its moons — from the abacus to exascale super-computers, we have come a long way in our tryst with tech

ICTs for agriculture in Africa

The strategic application of ICT to the agricultural industry, the largest economic sector in most African countries, offers the best opportunity for economic growth and poverty alleviation on the continent. Food security is paramount for the survival of individuals, families and ultimately nations, yet Africa’s agriculture sector has been in decline over the past 40 years.

New Activist Toolkit: ICTs for Feminist Movement Building

11 August 2015
(JASS, APC and Women'sNet for APCNews)

This toolkit aims to assist activists to think through their communication

Releasing children’s potential and minimizing risks: ICTs, the Internet and violence against children

The challenge of creating a safe online environment for children lies in developing a range of responses that strike the appropriate balance between maximising the potential of ICTs to promote and protect children’s rights while minimising the risk and ensuring children’s safety and protection.

Net neutrality and antitrust: options for India

In India, net neutrality continues to remain at the centre of a highly complex policy debate. It defies definition and throws up difficult questions over substantive as well as implementation-related aspects of access to the internet. Until recently, the country had not had the opportunity to display public support for the principles enshrined by net neutrality.

Mapping Community Resilience in Indonesia {Video}

By Shadrock Roberts, Resilience Network Initiative Director
Today we’re excited to release this video that highlights Ushahidi’s work in Indonesia and how we’re finding resilience in unexpected places; using the convening power of open data to connect citizens to city government; and how we are part of a movement to nurture local tech ecosystems.

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