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To End HIV Stigma, We Must Fight a Long History

August 24, 2017
Health workers can play a key role in ending discrimination against people who live with HIV.

For HIV Clients in Zambia, Referrals Are Life-Changing

August 21, 2017
A simple document from a trained health worker can give clients the courage they need to face the virus head-on.

How Do You Become a Humanitarian?

August 19, 2017
Ghiath Alddin Zeen was forced to leave Syria, but continues to find ways to help his people. On World Humanitarian Day, meet an amazing humanitarian.

Mastodon is big in Japan. The reason why is… uncomfortable

Remember Mastodon? In April 2017, there was a wave of excitement about Mastodon, a federated social network begun in October 2016 by Eugen Rochko, a 24-year old German software engineer, as an alternative to Twitter.

What's Not a Target

August 17, 2017
Health workers are supposed to save lives and health facilities are supposed to be safe places for health and healing. They’re protected by the rules of war, but are still being attacked.

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