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The past 30 days in technology for development

Gender equality: A mouse click away

Digital disadvantage mirrors deeper structural, economic and cultural inequalities.

Women's digital inclusion: Background paper for the G20

This briefing, jointly published by the Internet Society and APC, outlines ways in which policy makers can facilitate the internet’s positive potential through an enabling framework for women’s digital inclusion.

Using Deep Learning to Tackle Traffic Safety

Pulse Lab Jakarta
Pulse Lab Jakarta together with Jakarta Smart

Changes in the telecoms landscape and their implications for universal, affordable access to communication in Africa

What are the most relevant changes in the telecommunications landscape and their implications for achieving universal, affordable access to communication in Africa? This

Rhizomatica, winner of the Mozilla NSF-WINS Challenge Grand Prize

The HERMES (High­-frequency Emergency and Rural Multimedia Exchange System) project by Rhizomatica is the winner of the Mozilla NSF-WINS grand prize in the Off-the-Grid Internet Challenge.

Contribution from APC to the 2018 Internet Governance Forum Best Practice Forum on Cybersecurity

The 2018 IGF Best Practice Forum on Cybersecurity issued a call for contributions to gain perspectives from all interested stakeholders on existing norms development efforts, how those norms are being implemented, and whether they are succes

HRC 39: Calling on states to halt the dismantling of our human rights systems

APC, the Association for Women’s Rights in Development, the Coalition of African Lesbians and the Sexual Rights Initiative call upon states to speak out and counter anti-rights propaganda and the dismantling of the global and African human r

Inside the Information Society: Naming the Information Society

Some thoughts this week on some of the names we've given phenomena in the world of ICTs - and whether what we mean by the biggest term of all (the 'Information Society') is changing or should change.

These 5 Levels of Advocacy Are Moving the Needle on Contraceptive Use

September 25, 2018
In the struggle to end poverty, new ideas and powerful new voices are rising up, demanding change. And it's working.

How did APC contribute to change in 2017? Our annual report is out!

2017 was a year of transition for APC. This report provides an overview of what APC and its network accomplished during that year.

Young Nigeriens Want Comprehensive Sex Ed and Solid Advice

September 24, 2018
In Niger, talking about sex and contraceptives isn’t always easy. But little by little, things are changing.

In Six Francophone West African Cities, Mayors Are Serious about Investing in Family Planning

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, is one of the cities now committing its own resources to launch new family planning and reproductive healt

Right to Know - Episode 2: Reaching the unreachable

In this second episode, we travel to the Indo-Nepalese border and listen in on two public meetings where some people discover, for the first time, just what a pension is, and a building we are filming in is struck by lightning.

Preserving digital rights during elections in Cameroon

APC member PROTEGE QV participated in a multistakeholder symposium on solutions and approaches to limit misinformation and hate speech online, while preserving the digital rights of internet users in Cameroon, particularly during elections,

APC's Karen Banks wins Oxford Internet Institute Award

Computer networking pioneer Karen Banks, APC's director of operations and a former core part of GreenNet, an APC founding member, was recognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

New APC member Damián Loreti: “Media laws are part of the political and legal battlefield”

APCNews spoke with Damián Loreti, a new APC individual member and one of the leading experts on freedom of expression in Latin America, on the progress and setbacks in this area in Argentina and the rest of the region.
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