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How to Build Better Partnerships for Global Health

For our Technology Salon on How Can Partnerships Improve the Digital Health Ecosystem?, we discussed partnerships and interoperability in global health systems. The room housed a wide range of perspectives, from small to large non-governmental organizations to donors and funders to software developers to designers to healthcare professionals to students. Our lead discussants were: Josh...

How Partnerships Improve the Digital Health Ecosystem

Last Thursday, we had the honor of getting together with many of our peers and partners in New York City to discuss How Can Partnerships Improve the Digital Health Ecosystem? The discussion was moderated by Linda Raftree of Tech Salon, sponsored by Medic Mobile and Praekelt, and hosted by Thoughtworks. The main discussants were: Josh...

Angola Fiscal Management Development Policy Financing

If one is to talk about the objective of a fiscal management development policy financing for Angola, the main motive of such a plan is to make the country’s fiscal management stronger so that they can help as well as protect their poor.
This can be only achieved by the following:

2017 UNC-IntraHealth Fellows Explore HIV Stigma, Sexual Harassment in the Health Workforce, and More

2017 UNC-IntraHealth Summer Fellows
From left: Rebecca Kohler (senior vice president of corporate strategy and development at IntraHealth), Kati Jackso
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