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Internship opportunity at Means of Exchange

Are you interested in technology, community, the sharing economy and how we might promote better understanding and economic co-operation among neighbours, communities and neighbourhoods?

MOOCs and e-learning for higher education in developing countries: the case of Tajikistan

There has been a lot of talk and research on massive open online courses (MOOCs) and their potential impact, but is it really applicable to developing countries? How can universities take advantage of online content?

ICANN's new proposal will endanger domain owners and impact those who come from marginalised communities

10 July 2015
(APC for APCNews)

APC’s research shows that the reality of online abuse should be a serious concern for all those working on internet governance, development and access. Initiatives like ICANN’s new Domain Registration proposal are steps in the opposite direction.

HRH Global Resource Center July Update

This monthly update from the HRH Global Resource Center provides information on the latest resources, improvements, and news from this digital library devoted to human resources for health (HRH).
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Data Revolutions: How information becomes impact

This report summarizes the lessons learned from the Data Impacts project, which explores success stories of the ongoing Data Revolution. The case studies chosen span the themes of health, agriculture and environment, cities, and humanitarian crises, and are drawn from countries all over the world.

Stop Reinventing the Flat Tire with Custom Software Development

News flash: most nonprofits are terrible at software development, open-sourcing is not a sustainability plan, and constantly re-inventing the wheel is a poor way to spend limited resources.

Big Data for Development in Action: the Global Pulse Project Series

Miguel Luengo-Oroz
The Global Pulse Project Series showcases data in

New Contraceptive Gives Women More of What They Want

Women who have access to modern contraceptives have healthier babies, fewer unplanned pregnancies, and fewer abortions.Yet there are an estimated 222 million women and girls

Students Connect With Their Community Roots at Bolivia’s Aymara Indigenous University

Citizen journalism workshops at Unibol. Photo courtesy of La Pública. Citizen journalism workshops at Unibol. Photo courtesy of La Pública.

Democratising the Data Revolution: A Discussion Paper

This new discussion paper from Open Knowledge is intended to advance thinking and action around civil society engagement with the data revolution.

Why We Need Data on Frontline Health Workers

Dr. Kate TulenkoThe lack of data on frontline health workers, particularly community health workers, constrains training, service delivery, and decision-making in global health.

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