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The Female-Dominated Health Sector Needs More Women

March 07, 2017
It's time to provide women with more opportunities and support in the health sector.

5 Women Who Are Using Robots, Data, Fashion, and Tech to Transform Global Development

March 07, 2017
A bold new generation of women is guiding the future of global health and development. You’ll meet some of them at SwitchPoint.

For One Health Worker, Childbirth Proved More Dangerous than Ebola

March 06, 2017
Salome was one of 830 women around the world who died that day from problems related to childbirth.

Welcoming Chelsea Manning home at the Internet Freedom Festival

6 March 2017

Between 6 and 10 March a large part of the APC community will be in Valencia, Spain

APC at the Internet Freedom Festival 2017

4 March 2017
(APC for APCNews)

The Internet Freedom Festival, which takes place in Valencia, Spain on a yearly basis, has become one of the main events for civil society to gather around issues of surveillance, censorship and circumvention worldwide.

Happening soon! Global South Mixer Party in Valencia

3 March 2017
(APC and Derechos Digitales for APCNews)

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At One Namibian Hospital, Shorter Lines, Healthier Clients

March 02, 2017
In remote northern Namibia, Onandjokwe Hospital is becoming a national model for bringing health care to people where they live.
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