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Coup in Honduras

It's mainly being looked at through a Hugo Chavez-centric lens, but yesterday, the Honduran military arrested the country's president, Manuel Zelaya, in Latin America's first post-Cold War coup. Zelaya was an ally of the Venezuelan leader, and Chavez is already blaming the CIA for having a hand in Zelaya's ouster.

Morning Coffee - 29 June 2009

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Early yesterday morning soldiers frog-marched the democratically elected president of Honduras from his home and packed him off on the next flight to Costa Rica. Within hours of the ouster of president Manuel Zelaya, a new president was sworn in.

UN Plaza: Ban at 2 1/2 Edition

Jacob Heilbrunn and I take our disagreements to the small screen.  In this diavlog, we discuss Heilbrunn's recent criticism of Ban in Foreign Policy and my explanation of why that criticism is unfair.  We then venture into a few other topics, like Republicans' detachment from their realist roots and, of course, the untimely death of Michael Jackson.  Enjoy!

Grameen’s AppLab comes of age

Today is a very exciting day for many colleagues in Uganda, a day which sees the launch of a suite of new services from Grameen’s AppLab project. I was fortunate enough to be involved in the very early stages of the initiative, spending a month on the ground studying a mixture of geography, culture, challenges, data availability and technologies in and around Kampala (and occasionally beyond).

Heinz 57 (catch-up) part 2

yea so i've been a little lazy.... So hear is stuff from the last week.6/24/-6/25/2009A lot of things happened between these two days. I don't even remember which one happened on which day. Micheal Jackson died. I guess that was pretty much the leading news topic everywhere. I called home and my mom was telling me that he was in the hospital and then Paul got a call from his friend George and he told us that Micheal Jackson passed.

I face my own critics

by William Easterly

It’s only fair that I respond to my critics, in the same way I ask others to respond to my criticisms. A comment by Jeff on the poverty tourism controversy was particularly negative, but also succinct and eloquent, and his concerns seem to overlap with those expressed by other, so I will respond to Jeff directly. I put his comments in bold and my response in italics.

The main take away from this blog in general seems to be this:

Highlighting IU OHOT

OLPC recently asked our team to send them basic information about the following topics so that they can create a one page "At A Glance" that will be used to promote OLPCorps. This will give anyone who is interested an overview of several different areas of our deployment.Deployment: Haenertsburg, Limpopo, South AfricaPower:

Exciting Weekend

We had a very exciting weekend filled with trips to the Blue Lagoon, Neves (Nevish), the beach, and STeP UP’s 5th birthday party. Friday night we went to Pestana, a luxury resort with nightclub and it cost way to much money. I wasn’t excited about going when I heard it was $10 to get in the door. Anyway, we went and it was empty because no locals can afford the entry fee while still having a good time. We want to go again as an end of the trip celebration but it’s just too expensive.

E3 Expo -- GameTECH

Check out the latest in electronic entertainment as featured in the E3 Expo: June 2-4 this year.  And join the conversation around games and social good here.

The US Army fights me back! -- in a nice peaceful way

The following is the text of an email I received today after asking Lieutenant General William Caldwell IV for comment as one of the authors of the United States Army's Manual with some economic development ideas that I criticized:

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

Dear Dr. Easterly,

LTG Caldwell is currently on personal leave and not regularly receiving

Linked Up: Tabloids, unsightly bridges, and animal ambulances

The UN really needs to get some new reading material for its buildings in central Liberia...
Dresden chooses reducing traffic over remaining a UNESCO World Heritage Site

One Week In

So we've been in Kampala for about a week now. Sorry for the sparse updates, but hopefully they will become more recent, now that we've discovered a faster and nearer internet cafe!Highlights:We spent several hours NANDblasting and reflashing the 100 XO laptops at Rita's house. Rita is the executive director of SAFY. We also reconfigured the school server.

No danger of flying pig flu

That is, swine flu the H1N1 virus doesn't look like it's mixing with its avian counterpart to form some sort of volatile, death-defying H1N1+H5N1 (H5N2?) super-pandemic.
The World Health Organisation said on Thursday that the H1N1 virus was stable and there was no sign yet of it mixing with other influenza viruses.


Oliotia = how are you in Luganda, the local language here. I’m learning, but slowly haha.

Coffee, Clark, Careers

All great journalists immediately put you at ease. Clark Boyd, someone I’ve been extremely fortunate to have spoken to on a number of occasions, is one of them. Interviews feel more like chats over cups of coffee in the dentists waiting room than recorded interviews set to go out over the airways in the US (and beyond).

Neda comes to DC

Yesterday evening at about 7 pm, some two hundred demonstrators took to the streets in Washington, D.C. in support of the Iranian supporters of Mir Hussein Mousavi. I ran into the group as they were walking down Wisconsin avenue in Georgetown.  Tellingly, photos of Neda featured prominantly in the protests.  She truly has become a world-wide symbol of this Iranian reform movement. 


We are the World

He never wrote a song about the United Nations, but this Jackson vehicle comes pretty close.  

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