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It's a Free World...

Boy, do I hate it when I go to the cinema and see a movie that really disappoints me… I went to see It’s a Free World… and I can’t for the love of God understand why that film has an IMDB rating of 7.1. At best I would give it 5-something. I’ve seen a bunch of not-so-great movies over the past 12 months or so but I’ve hardly ever been as disappointed as when I walked out of the cinema tonight.

From the Bottom-Up: Using the Internet to Mobilize Campaign Participation

During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, both parties aimed to mobilize volunteer armies of supporters to help get their candidates’ elected.
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Is reputation obsolete?

In the past, most conversations were ephemeral: spoken words quickly slipped into the past, resurrected only if a listener later repeated them from memory. Today, many discussions and transactions live on indefinitely.
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The Right to Privacy. Again.

Our identities in the online world are as real and as significant as our identities in the physical world. Our friendships are formed through the personal details we share on the pages of Facebook and the IMs and emails that traverse across the ether.
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How I Learned to Stop Worrying about New Media Literacy and Love the Internet

While it offers a useful general perspective on the future of media literacy, Dan Gillmor’s essay doesn’t fully answer some of the most fundamental questions about the relationship between education, media, and democracy. Let me sketch just a few of them:
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The Good Governance Mix

One of the outstanding features of David Weinberger’s writing about the web is his unwillingness to fall into the trap of making all or nothing, simple dichotomies. More than anyone writing about the web he understands and enjoys its miscellaneous messiness.
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Why Tacit Governance of the Net is an Imperative

Human beings are complex adaptive systems. We’re surrounded by such systems, in nature and in society: our immune systems, our bodies, the natural ecosystems around us, the very society we live in. The Net is no different, both in its complexity as well as in its adaptive nature.
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