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Indian innovation systems and emergence of biopharmaceutical sector: issues and prospects

With the advent of biotechnology in the pharmaceutical sector, the Indian innovation system seems to get set for a major paradigm shift.

What OpenHIE Means—and Could Mean—for Health Sectors around the World

At the Global mHealth Forum in December, one session stood out to me in substance and approach: it was on a collaborative effort called OpenHIE.Ski

Pulse Lab Kampala opens, mobilising a data revolution for Uganda’s sustainable development

Anoush Rima Tatevossian
On Thursday 29 January 2015,  The Prime Mini

Delivering on a data revolution in sub-Saharan Africa

Statistical systems that work to improve policy and enhance accountability allow all stakeholders to freely exchange high-quality data to ensure that funding and development efforts are working. Governments, international institutions, and donors need good data on basic development metrics to plan, budget, and evaluate their activities.

A Bold Strategy and Clear Vision to Improve the Global Health Workforce

If not well thought out or without a plan to garner support or how to implement, strategies can be boring, dry, and ineffective in driving action.On the other hand, strategies with clear visions backed by governments, civil society, the priv

The Future of Open and How To Stop It

In 2008, Jonathan Zittrain wrote a book called The Future of the Internet and How To Stop It. In it he argued that the runaway success of the Internet is also the cause of it being undermined, that vested interests were in the process of locking down the potential for innovation by creating walled gardens

Building the “Educational Home”: Staying Connected to Alumni with MEPI Graduate Tracking in Ghana

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Rachel Deussom, Michael Drane, Rebecca Bailey, Zohray Talib, Rose Mwangi, Joslin Dogbe, and Moses Simuyemba

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