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The past 30 days in technology for development

New issue paper: Women’s rights, gender and Internet governance

5 November 2015
(Avri Doria for the “End violence: Women’s rights and safety online” project)

This issue paper addresses the degree to which gender and wome

Once an At-Risk Youth, Thembi Becomes a Child & Youth Care Worker

After Thembi’s* parents passed away from an illness when she was in Grade 11, she and her brother, in Grade 8 at the time, moved in with their grandmother.It was not an easy transition for any of them.The grandmother did not work; in fact, s

Discussing Data Privacy in The Hague

Derval Usher
Last week I had the pleasure of attending the very fi

APC at the 2015 IGF

3 November 2015
(APC for APCNews)

APC is mobilising for the 10th annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in João Pessoa, Brazil on 10–13 November 2015.

Uganda’s Data Revolution: Mobile Data to Support Statistics

Pulse Lab Kampala will host an upcoming "Mobile Monday" meet up, focusing on the topic of how mobile data can support statistics.

Global Pulse Data Privacy Advisory Group Annual Meeting Recap

Global Pulse
The Global Pulse Data Privacy Advisory Group Annual Me

What technology-for-conservation might learn from technology-for-development

Although the majority of my more recent work has sat in the ‘global development’ bucket, much of my early interest lay in conservation. Before I stumbled into the world of mobiles-for-development (m4d) I was helping with biodiversity surveys in Uganda and running primate sanctuaries in Nigeria, and focusing my academic studies on the role of anthropologists in the creation of national parks.

Big Data Good Data 2015

(Madrid, Spain) The seventh edition of the series ‘Science of Networks’ will focus on the use of Big data for the welfare of society. People produce big data everyday and various service providers use that for better marketing.
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