You are what you breathe

When was the last time you noticed the air you are breathing ? Do you know how it affects you and your health?
air pollution Egypt

You are what you breathe

When was the last time you noticed the air you are breathing ? Do you know how it affects you and your health?
air pollution Egypt

The promises of a decentralized currency: Think Locally and Buy Globally?

I once rented a part of a house that had been, well, not fully cleaned out from the previous occupants. It was a house full of hackers that had been variously occupied by friends and friends-of-friends for almost a decade as they passed through Austin on their way from or to new lives, which is to say, it had, well, "character".

10 reasons Open Innovation fails

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4 days left to vote

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The Global Innovation Competition called for new, ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas to enhance government transparency and accountability in Making All Voices Count’s 12 programme countries.

Connect Uganda, a Rural Library Project for Local Farmers

In Uganda, most of the population lives and works rurally – may lack literacy skills. How – and what – can these famers gain from an internet connection?

Event: New Digital Tools for Transparency

IREX's Center for Collaborative Technology will host a public event about accessible data technology for journalists and civil society.The event will tak

Syrian Perspectives on Transitional Justice & Geneva II

The Syria Justice and Accountability Center will host a public event to share research and findings highlighting Syrian voices and solutions.

The new transparency in development economics: lessons from the Millennium Villages controversy

The Millennium Villages Project is a high profile, multi-country development project that has aimed to serve as a model for ending rural poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. The project became the subject of controversy when the methodological basis of early claims of success was questioned.

Promise Tracker and Monitorial Citizenship

It’s not obvious from looking at me, but while I’m American, I’m deeply partisan towards the nation of Ghana. I moved to Accra, Ghana in 1993 to study xylophone music, and I’ve traveled back to the country almost every year since 2000. I ran a nonprofit organization in Ghana from 1999-2004 and I now work closely with a Ghanaian journalism nonprofit.

Weekly: Mapping in Pavia, Umati forums, Software testing and releases!

Deployment of the week
This week, we recognise the efforts of the team at Raccontalo alla Provincia pavese, mobilising citizens to voice out problems within their environment in the Province of Pavia in Italy.

MENA: Learning about Digital Safety, Online

Since the start of the Arab Spring, many regimes realized that in order to suppress an uprising they need to control, filter or manipulate the Internet in order to minimize its impact. Thus, netizens, activists and journalists in the MENA region – though able to express themselves more loudly than before – are also now, more than ever, the victims of government crackdowns on online communicatio

Highly Recommended: Free courses from Santa Fe Institute, on Complex Systems

The data we are collecting needs a better framework or understanding paradigm to help guide our analysis. Exploring the options and learning more, at:

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