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International Data Responsibility Conference

(The Hague, The Netherlands) The IDRG Conference 2017 will take place on 3 March.

Consultation meeting on the " Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure"

(Geneva, Switzerland) Raising the Floor (RtF-I), has invited  data privacy, ethics, security experts as well as UN representatives, to participate in a consultation meeting on the establishment of a Data Ethi

Announcing our Four-Part Manifesto for Change

For almost fifteen years has been home for our hopes, dreams and frustrations on all things technology, social innovation, and international conservation and development.

Global Health Is an Investment We Can’t Afford to Pass Up

February 27, 2017
As a career physician, I've seen modern medicine rescue people from the brink of death. But major gaps remain.

Five Investments Countries Can Make for Healthier People and Economies

February 23, 2017
By pooling our resources and know-how, we can help solve the health workforce crisis—and build stronger economies.

Internet rights at the Human Rights Council 34th session

24 February 2017
(Deborah Brown (APC); Elena Goldstein and Peter Micek (Access Now))

The 34th session of the Human Rights Council will take place from 27 February to 24 March 2017 in Geneva.

Think Big - Data innovation in Latin America

(Santiago, Chile) The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) will host on 6 March a one-day event around data innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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