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APC at the 2015 IGF: Event coverage

30 October 2015
(APC for APCNews)

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India's gender digital divide: women and politics on Twitter

The report highlights how women who take up space online, particularly when it involves politically charged issues, are often treated as
trespassers in a male space. In response to gender-based abuse and harassment, some prominent female bloggers and activists have chosen to delete their accounts.

The technological revolution and its impact on gender relations with a special focus on India and Africa

There is mixed evidence on the empowering or disempowering potential of ICTs for women. New technologies clearly seem to have the potential of removing women-specific barriers to participation and organisation and leveling centuries-old gender inequality.

In Kenya, One Mother's Struggle for an HIV-Free Family

Ruby cuddles her baby, ignoring our attention as we prepare for the interview. Her baby is healthy and free of the life-threatening HIV virus.


27 October 2015
(APC for APCNews)

27 October marks one year since Egyptian blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah was last arrested for his peaceful activism, and he has remained detained since then.

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