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Surveying ICT use in education in Africa

 Where are things headed?

I have a better sense of where things are today,
but the more important question is:

Data Playground

(New York, USA) UN Millennium Campaign, UN Global Pulse & Microsoft, in cooperation with the newly launched Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, host an evening reception on the margins of the UN General Assembly to celebrate momentum around a

A Big Data Revolution for Humanitarian Response

(New York, USA) The Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN, The Permanent Mission of the Philippines to the UN, and the UN Secretary-General’s Global Pulse Initiative co-host a high-level meeting on the margins of the opening of the 70th

CDC Looks Ahead as Ebola Challenges Continue in West Africa

A medical student in Guinea doesn’t reveal that he was exposed to Ebola when he’s admitted to a Conakry hospital, where he then shares a room.By the time he is diagnosed with the virus, a visitor of the roommate has fallen ill and taken a do

IBM Bluemixathon: Operation Rescue & Recovery

Bluemixathon: Operation Rescue & Recovery, an online hackathon hosted by Devpost and IBM, challenges software developers to create apps that aid the people and organizations directly involved in the aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster.

You Heard It Here First! — ?4D

The Jester had a terrific summer tagging along with his alter ego on a book tour, during which he was met with throngs of readers falling at his feet in adulation. (Editor’s note: The second half of the previous sentence is not true.) The tour provided the Jester with good fodder for at least a few posts.

5 Headlines about buzzfeed you never expected to read!

So, via @runasand, I learn that Buzzfeed's writers have PGP keys:

In Tanzania, Medical Circumcision Services Rely on a Predominantly Female Nursing Workforce

In November 2010, Tanzania embarked on a nationwide campaign to scale up medical circumcision—which can decrease a man’s risk of HIV infection by at least 60%—in regions where men traditionally do not undergo it.

Social technologies and public policies in Brazil

Tthe definition of Social Technologies (STs)  encompasses aspects of innovation in the use of technologies, interaction with the community, and the potential to transform social realities and to be scaled up and replicated in other contexts.

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