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The past 30 days in technology for development

Internet and Human Rights Concerns needed in the Fortaleza Declaration of Sixth BRICS Summit

14 July 2014

APC and other civil society organizations believe that the internet is a global resource enabling human rights and development and shoul

Matching development challenges with tech solutions in the fight against extreme poverty

The goals of multilateral development agencies, United Nations and World Bank Group are laser-focused on the post-2015 development agenda, calling for transformative change by eradicating extreme poverty and raising economic prosperity for all.

Global Health Needs More Strange Bedfellows, Unorthodox Partnerships

This piece originally appeared on the Huffington Post.In Tanzania, the non-profit group IntraHealth International <

From emergencies to farming free online tools catch on in civil service

It's a sad fact that the moment many civil servants enter the workplace, they take a step back in time from their increasingly digital lives outside of work. Skills and tools we feel confident using for banking, shopping and generally organising our private lives may play no part in our jobs.

Why you should care about open data and how it benefits your community

Welcome to the new world of Open Data portals, data-thons and speed dataing.The latter two data-thons and speed dataing have put the romance into Open Data portals by challenging techies to create user-friendly applications from huge data files of municipal information.

GitHub: A Swiss Army knife for open government

Every morning, the first waking task most humans perform is checking email or the latest updates on their social media accounts. For developers, that initial daily fix is GitHub, the social coding platform that has captured the hearts of millions of hackers and tech enthusiasts around the world.

Q&A With NextDrop Founder Anu Sridharan

Water problems affec

From Solomon Islands to the Philippines: my PGIS learning journey - How it all started (blog post 1)

Follow the learning journey of Wilfred Don Dorovoqa, a member of the Padezaka tribe in Solomon Islands.Supported by CTA, Wilfred Don has embarked in a journey which will bring him from Sasamuqa Village to Estancia in the Philippines where he will participate in a participatory mapping exercise.

Twitter Chat on July 18th: ICTs in Disaster Management

Natural disasters hit communities around the world leaving paths of destruction that often take years to rebuild. ICTs are used to manage relief efforts, but how effective are they?

End violence project: Two years and going strong

26 July 2014
(FF and TB for APCNews)

The APC project “End violence: Women´s rights and safety online” is now into its third year and is proving to be a project

Promoting Better Use of Data in Uganda

Jane Auma
The relevance of data to enhance public service delivery

A global information society: are we there yet?

Gender and inclusion
must be more
integrated into global
information and 

Summer Reading: Dan Drezner’s Theories of International Politics and Zombies, Colson Whitehead’s Zone One

Much of my summer reading centers on the idea of civics outside of the conventional bounds of the state. I’m interested in understanding reasons why individuals and groups grow frustrated with traditional state-bound politics, and what forms of civics they explore when they opt out of engagement with the state.

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