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The past 30 days in technology for development

Statement on the recent attacks on Black Lives Matter's website

12 July 2016
(Black Lives Matter, and May First/People Link, Design Action Collective)

The official Black Lives Matter website (

On World Population Day, Let's Do More for the World

Today is World Population Day, an annual event established in 1989 to focus attention on critical issues related to population.In late 2015, the United Nations adopted the

9 Data Sets to Improve Your ICTforAg Programs

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Have an Unmet (Contraceptive) Need?

“Do you want to get pregnant in the next two years?”How would you answer this question?

What is your organisation's DNA? An interview with Paz Peña on strategic communications for advocacy

9 July 2016
(Flavia Fascendini for APCNews)

In a changing environment with tremendous competition among messages, how can we ensure that

Consultation meeting on Big Data and M&E

(New York, USA) UN Global Pulse is organizing a half-day consultation with experts in the fields of development evaluation and data analytics for development on "integrating big data into the monitoring and evaluation of development programmes." Discussions wi

KDD 2016 Workshop on Data Science for Food, Energy and Water

(San Francisco, California) Recognizing the need for orchestrated efforts to address the many interrelated data scientific challenges for the security of Food, Energy and Water, the goal of this workshop will be three-fold: 1.

Symposium on Big Data and Human Development

(Oxford, United Kingdom) This workshop aims to move forward the debate about the ways in which big data is used, can be used, and should be used in development. The symposium will also serve as a bridge between methodological knowledge about big data, critical

International Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics

(Dublin, Ireland) In line with the priorities of work and with the urgent needs for support of SDG indicators, the third Global Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics wants to take the next steps in the utilization of Big Data in the production of offi

"Data for Development" Session at GSMA Mobile360

(Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) The GSMA's Mobile360 - Africa conference gathers operators, government officials, ICT, finance, NGO and media leaders across Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond to evaluate how we can elevate access across the region with focus on digital i

New Tools to Harness the Data Revolution for Development

(New York, USA) Hosted by the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data together with the governments of Colombia, Philippines, Sierra Leone and United States of America, the event will feature a diverse set of high-level speakers representing intern

IVR and FM Radio: Low-Tech Ways to Reach Everyone on Earth

The title for the recent San Francisco Technology Salon, “The Low-Tech Way to Reach Everyone on Earth” suggests an enormously powerful statement – does the right technology exist today to reach everyone on earth? And what exactly is that technology? Thirty-three people from the Bay Area and around California attended the event to discuss the...

The future of knowledge sharing in a Digital Age: exploring impacts and policy implications for development

We live in a Digital Age that gives us instant access to information at greater and greater volumes. The rapid growth of digital content and tools is already changing how we create, consume and distribute knowledge. Even though globally participation in the Digital Age remains uneven, more and more people are accessing and contributing digital content every day.

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