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In West Africa, Family Planning Youth Ambassadors Are Helping Their Countries Plan for the Future

August 11, 2017
Young leaders have the power to reach their peers and communities in ways most government officials can’t.

Real Talk App Elevates Teen Voices to Transform Sex Education

August 11, 2017
A new app brings sex ed directly to middle school students through storytelling—on their phones.

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Brazil’s First Indigenous Online Radio Station Uses Digital Media to Promote Native Languages and Communities

Rádio Yandê producers in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Official Rádio Yandê Facebook page, published with permission.

It's Time to End Sexual Harassment

August 09, 2017
Health workers deal with stressful situations every day. Sexual harassment should no longer be one of them.

Be a Data Visualization Expert with TechChange’s Online Diploma Program

Are you looking for ideas and support around a new project? Do you want new skills to do your current job better? Or are you trying to break into the ICT4D job market?

Your Organization is Not Ready for Big Data

Big Data for Development. You’ve heard that sentence/question/presentation title before. We’ve talked about it at length and the conversation continues in earnest in a time where more quantitative analysis is needed and increasingly expected. Thankfully, excellent progress is being made. The World Bank’s 2017 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals was very well received during this...

Phase 2 of Translator Gator Wraps Up

Yulistina Riyadi and Felicia Vacarelu
Phase 2 of Trans
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