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Abduaraman Gidi: "I'm a Health Worker"

Spend one minute with Abduaraman Gidi, a nurse who is passionate about saving the lives of mothers.He shares a story about one mother he helped and talks about the value of training and supportive supervision.Abduaraman Gidi works at Nifas S

mBillionth Award 2014

Queer Rights in Kenya: A Conversation with Njeri Gateru

When asked about the recent progress of Kenya’s LGBT movement, Njeri Gateru doesn’t hesitate to answer with the word, “Visibility.” She describes promoting conversations on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE) in public spac

UN encourages community responses to online hatred in new report

27 June 2014

A new UN report discussed in Geneva on 25 June 2014, cites the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and Bytes

The transformative promise of the Maker Movement

All around the world, an increasing number of individuals calling themselves “makers” are transforming the “Do-It-Yourself” culture.

End violence: Most significant change story from the Philippines

26 June 2014
(Foundation for Media Alternatives for APCNews)

The APC “End violence: Women’s rights and safety online” project is changing women’s l

What Are You Doing About Violence Against Women?

25 June 2014
(Take Back the Tech!)

That’s what we’re asking Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Promote transparency and safe spaces.

UPDATE: APC condemns arbitrary detention of women human rights defenders in Egypt

25 June 2014

APC denounces the arrests of 23 protestors and human rights defenders in Egypt, including the arrest of Yara

For Children, Health Workers Are Key to Longer Lives

Five year olds are special—all of them, everywhere.They tend to be curious, energetic, and goofy. They need cuddles when they’re sad or sick.

Meet Inveneo’s 2014 Summer ICT Interns

The Inveneo team has been lucky to bring on four new interns this summer. Hailing from Harvard, Northwestern, and UC Berkeley, these four individuals are bringing innovative ideas and fresh insight to our current ICT projects. They are helping our engineers by conducting online research, surveys, and technical documentation.

New Resource Spotlight: eLearning Course on Gender and Health Systems Strengthening

A new course on the Global Health eLearning Center highlights ways to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in building stronger health systems.

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