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The past 30 days in technology for development

Can big data be used in evaluation?

(New York, USA) This event will discuss a recent paper on the feasibility of leveraging big data sources—particularly Twitter, Facebook, and radio data—to improve the evaluation of gender equality and women’s empowerment initiatives.

Who can still doubt the capacity of community networks to provide universal access?

The Third Summit on Community Networks in Africa took place on 2-7 September 2018 in Eastern Cape, South Africa, with the aim of promoting the creation and growth of community networks on the continent.

Big Data for Better Lives: Mobile, Statistics & Insights

(New York, USA) Saving time and resources to relief organizations, big data is redefining how the world responds to those in need – and Member States are leading the way in demonstrating how this innovation can be scaled.

Accelerating SDGs Through Digital Innovation

(New York, USA) UNDP, UN Global Pulse and Microsoft will host a high level reception to showcase the power of technology for public good on the margins of the UN General Assembly. 

India: Decriminalisation must pave the way to positive rights

The Association for Progressive Communications welcomes the verdict of the Supreme Court of India on 6 September 2018 decriminalising consensual sex between all adults, irrespective of gender.

Internet rights at the Human Rights Council 39th session

The 39th session of the HRC is taking place on 10-28 September 2018 in Geneva.

Senegal’s New Roadmap for a Gender Transformative Human Resource Management Policy

September 07, 2018
The country is taking steps to change the working lives of health workers—particularly women. 

Statement opposing Egypt’s legalisation of website blocking and communications surveillance

The Cybercrime Law and Media Regulation Law are only the latest steps in the Egyptian government’s attempts to impose full control over the flow of information online.

The Promise of Digital Health in the Fight against Noncommunicable Diseases

September 06, 2018
Could activity trackers help stem the global tide of hypertension?

Young and HIV-Positive? We See You

September 05, 2018
For kids who live with the virus, an empathetic health worker can be a link to a lifetime of successful treatment.
“Can you see me?”

Save Your Internet: Delete Article 13

In the run-up to the 12 September vote in the European Parliament Plenary, we encourage you to join the Copyright Action Week from 4 to 11 September. The goal is to amplify the voices of communities impacted by Article 13. 

Community networks recognised as an emerging topic in UN resolution on WSIS follow-up

The need to include community networks as a solution to access gaps in the World Summit on the Information Society follow-up and implementation process was the main focus of APC’s participation at this year’s Commission on Science and Techno

Decolonising internet governance

The internet is viewed as the gateway to development. So, how do we respond to the challenge of the persistent digital divide?
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