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Ushahidi Partnership Days 2014: Day 2

[This is the first post of a two-part series written by Arushi Jain, Betty Mutimba and Natasha Wissanji]

Achuar and Shuar Community Voices Broadcasting Online

Rising Voices Grantee Project Update

Photo provided by project. Photo provided by project.

Restoring Radio to Stop Ebola in Liberia

In a post-conflict nation with low literacy and internet access, community radio is the only place for residents to access information, share their perspectives and engage with government and each other.

The First Stories about Girls’ Lives in Kyrgyzstan

Rising Voices Grantee Project Update

Two months ago, we started writing our own stories and publishing them on our blog. We then started collecting other girls’ stories from different districts of Kyrgyzstan. Their stories are all very different.

Amazon Web Services re:Invent Hackathon

(Las Vegas, US) 24 hours before the first keynote, join developers, AWS engineers and other cloud ninjas for the annual AWS re:Invent Hackathon.

Big Data, Good Data

The sixth edition of the series ‘Science of Networks’ will focus on the use of big data for the welfare of society. People produce big data everyday and various service providers use that for better marketing.

The One Thing Everyone Should Do Now to Improve Program M&E

There is a simple solution that is useful throughout the project cycle, takes 10 minutes to set up, is used by millions of organizations worldwide but seldom used in development. What could it be?

APC's reflections on the 9th Internet Governance Forum: "Connections and Disconnects"

29 October 2014

APC reviews what worked well and what didn’t work as well at the 2014 IGF in Istanbul, Turkey last September.

When HIV and Gender-Based Violence Intersect, Women Suffer in Silence

In Mara region, Tanzania, Kabula (not her real name) was the youngest of three wives.Eventually one of her husband’s other wives got sick with symptoms that Kabula related to HIV.
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