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Universal Service Funds & connecting schools to the Internet around the world

maybe there's another way to support this?

maybe there's another way to support this?

We need to connect our schools to the Int

Anonymity and encryption are key to freedom of expression

26 February 2015
(APC for APCNews)

APC urges UN Special Rapporteur David Kaye to reaffirm the freedom to use encryption technology and commu

5 Unanswered Questions on Digital Economies in Developing Countries

Recently, the Technology Salon in Washington DC asked if Digital Economies Will Empower or Enslave the Next 4 Billion Mobile Users? While there was a general recognition of the lack of digital literacy, and the disadvantages people face when trying to understand the costs and benefits of having an online presence, opinions were split on...

Linking savings accounts to mobile phones: are potential users interested?

In the last decade, the micro-credit sector has expanded the world over. A great deal of interest is now being focussed on the development potential of mobilising micro-savings by channeling the liquidity of the poor into the formal banking sector. A new wave of technological innovations, from mobile banking to ATM cards, has aimed at reducing the transactions costs for small accounts.

New Resource Spotlight: Health Workforce Productivity Analysis and Improvement Toolkit

New Resource Spotlight: Health Workforce Productivity Analysis and Improvement Toolkit

Re-imagine Learning Challenges: Pioneers Hangout Series

There’s a growing demand

Will technology replace teachers? No, but ...

In the future, will a machine replace me and smash other machines on my behalf?

In the future, will a machine replace me

Is ICT4D Slowly Dying or Slowly Changing?

At the September 23 Technology Salon, attendees faced a question: Is ICT4D slowly dying or slowly changing? Earlier this year, James BonTempo, Director of ICT and Innovation at Johns Hopkins CCP wrote that ICT4D is slowly dying. ICT4D enthusiasts had a lot to say in response (don’t miss Part II of BonTempo’s blog post). While...

Issues and Challenges of Climate Change for Women Farmers in the Caribbean: The potential of ICTs

This paper focuses on the potential role of organic farming for regional food security and for addressing climate change impacts in the Caribbean. The correlation between access to quality information and livelihood security is also explored and the particular implications for women farmers.

The Story of Syria Tracker & Child Killing Trends in Syria

Guest blog post by Hend Alhinnawi & Taha Kass-Hout, Humanitarian Tracker (Full blogger bios following the post)
This is the story of the Syrian conflict, as told by its citizens living within its borders.

Global Development: Investors in People?

We hear it all the time. Investors invest in people, not products or ideas. Marty Zwilling, a veteran start-up mentor, describes people as the great competitive advantage. I wonder what the non-profit world might learn from people like him?

Request for Information (RFI) on participation in the Project Gallery at the TechNet Conference in Bangkok, Thailand

The 14th TechNet Conference will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from 11-15 May, 2015. The theme will be: "Immunization Supply Chain and Logistics: Current Challenges, Innovations and Future Prospects".Are you interested in showcasing any of your projects or other work in immunization logistics at the TechNet Conference? If the answer is yes, please read on.

The purpose of #ICT4D in one diagram

The purpose of ICT for development is quite simple, really.

Do Girl Ads Detract From Girls Empowerment?

Our August Technology Salon in New York City (TSNYC) was a stimulating and deep discussion on whether ‘girl advertising’ detracts from girls empowerment. The topic surfaced after a Facebook conversation about the rise in commercials about girls and women’s empowerment such as Always’ “Like a Girl,” Verizon’s “Inspire her Mind,” and Pantene’s “Stop Saying Sorry.” There...

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