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Community Health Workers: Forgotten No More

June 21, 2017
A new global campaign is pushing for salaries, benefits, and formal employment for these crucial health workers.

Linked Open Data: The Essentials. The climate knowledge brokering edition

This  new edition of REEEP’s highly successful manual Linked Open Data: The Essentials offers a solid introduction to Linked Open Data (LOD) principles, with new case studies and updated information on how to make the most of the possibilities LOD has to offer.

Invititation to Participate in an Evaluation of the Humanitarian Symbology Scorecard

June 14, 2017
Dear Crisis Mappers,
I cordially invite you to participate in an evaluation of the Humanitarian Symbology Scorecard, a free, online self-assessment resource that may be used to evaluate the design of crisis maps. The Humanitarian Symbology Scorecard may be accessed at the following link:

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