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The past 30 days in technology for development

Internet Rights at the Human Rights Council’s 30th session

14 September 2015
(Deborah Brown and Shawna Finnegan (APC) and Max Anderson (Access) for APCNews)

The 30th session of the Human Rights Coun

Volunteer with Inveneo! Be a Digital Content HW/SW Volunteer

Are you interested in digital content for both hardware and software? Do you live in San Francisco or the Bay Area? Inveneo could be looking for YOU!

Anriette Esterhuysen and APC among EFF's Pioneer Awards winners

14 September 2015
(APC for APCNews)

On 24 September, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will present the winners of this year’s “

How to Design a Data Center for the Developing World

Note: Inveneo, in partnership with ARM Limited, LeMaker, and Protocase, is pleased to announce that a winner has been selected for its recent $10,000 Micro-Data Center Design Challenge. Congratulations to William Weatherholtz and his team “Micro Weather” who are the winners of the $10,000 challenge!

Transforming Health Professional Preservice Education to Meet National Needs

Author's name: 

Rebecca Bailey, Kate Tulenko, Heather Ross, Rachel Deussom, and Kate Gilroy

Strengthening Human Resources Management and Leadership

Author's name: 

Wanda Jaskiewicz, Jim McCaffery, Paul Marsden and Margaret Caffrey

Using Health Workforce Data to Improve Access to Services

Author's name: 

Carl Leitner, Dykki Settle, Kate Tulenko, David Potenziani, Michael Drane, Luke Duncan, Amanda Puckett, and Alfredo Fort

Professionalizing Under-Recognized Cadres to Strengthen Health Systems

Author's name: 

Rebecca Bailey, Amy Bess, Kate Gilroy, Lisa Howard-Grabman, Leah McManus, Deborah Murray, Richard Seifman, Dana Singleton, Maritza Titus, and Daren Trudeau

Advancing Gender Equality in Health Systems

Author's name: 

Rachel Deussom, Constance Newman, Alfredo Fort, Laura Hurley, and Alex Collins

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