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APC and IFLA workshop on public access at the African Internet Governance Forum

8 July 2014

Later this week at the African Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Nigeria, the APC and International Federation of Library As

A BRCK Journey

We’re about to ship our first orders of BRCKs next week, on July 17th.

What Can Mobile Do For You? A Report on How to Use Mobile in Development

This report gives a broad, general overview of the current (2014) status of mobile data collection in development. It is meant to be an entry point, and a way for readers to acquaint themselves with the possibilities of mobile data collection in technical and practical terms.

Beyond Open Data in Uganda: How Do We Make Citizen Feedback More Actionable?

Development data has become more available in recent years, but much of that data remains siloed. This is unfortunate because the results of integrating this data with other existing information could be illuminating. DevTrac is one example of an exciting open data initiative.

Basics and beyond: what drives national progress in education?

Significant progress in education has been made across the globe over the past decades. Many nations have stepped up efforts to improve their education systems, with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) focusing particular attention on completion of primary schooling and improving gender equity, and Education for All setting a broader ambitious agenda.

2014 Open Gov Awards: Citizen Engagement

Were thrilled to announce that the International Space Apps Challenge is one of several programs featured in the White House application for the Open Government Partnerships new Open Government Awards, which recognizes efforts to improve government policies and to better serve citizens through two-way engagement.

One Nurse's Best Day at Work

Spend one minute with Phylis Cherono Siele, a nurse who works in the comprehensive care unit at Tenwek Mission Hospital in Kenya.Phylis's happiest d

“New media, new civics?” and reactions in Policy & Internet

This past December, I gave a talk at the Oxford Internet Institute about possible relationships between “new media” and new approaches to participatory civics –

Web 2.0 and Social Media Learning Opportunity, Mananga Centre for Regional Integration and Management Development, Ezulwini,Swaziland,15-19 September 2014.

TheMananga Centre for Regional Integration and Management Development(Mananga)in collaboration with CTAwill host a 5-day Web 2.0 Learning Opportunity on15-19 September, 2014.

Open Data and Open Governance in Canada: A Critical Examination of New Opportunities and Old Tensions

As governments develop open data strategies, such efforts reflect the advent of the Internet, the digitization of government, and the emergence of meta-data as a wider socio-economic and societal transformational. Within this context the purpose of this article is twofold.

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