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Picture It: Health Workers Provide Care for Mothers Every Day

May 12, 2017
Happy Mother’s Day to moms—and the health workers who care for them—everywhere!
It’s 11:30 at night.

More Babies Tested, Treated, and Born HIV-Free in Namibia

May 11, 2017
To end the country's HIV epidemic, new infections among children must be eliminated. This district is making it happen.

Nurses on the Front Line—Again

May 11, 2017
If a new flu pandemic strikes, nurses are likely to be our first—and best—line of defense.

SwitchPoint: A Patient's Perspective

May 10, 2017
A conference like SwitchPoint could lead to a newfound global respect for my minority.

Eugene L. Lawler Award for our work in mobile

A couple of weeks ago I received the surprising (and wonderful) news that I had been selected as the latest recipient of the Eugene L. Lawler Award for Humanitarian Contributions within Computer Science. The Award is given by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) every two years to a group or individual who has made a significant contribution through the use of computing technology.

Pop Quiz: Who Owns Your Data? 200w" sizes="

Failing Fast: Does It Apply to Health Care?

May 09, 2017
When you're developing new ideas or tech, failure isn't such a bad thing. But for health workers, it means something else.

Want to Talk about Family Planning? Reach Out to Your Local Mayor

May 08, 2017
Advocacy efforts to improve access to and use of family planning must include local government officials. 

2017 ECOSOC Integration Segment

(New York, USA) Global Pulse is pleased to speak during the 2017 ECOSOC Integration Segment to take place in New York from 8 to 10 May 2017.
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