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Mapping for Niger Turns One, Community Reflects

The original post post was published on the Mapping for Niger website. It is republished here with the team's permission. Mapping for Niger is a Rising voices project.

ICTs, public access and the African Internet Governance Forum

1 August 2014
(ET for APCNews)

APC’s Emilar Gandhi recently returned from the African Internet Govern

Community-Based Education Programs in Africa: Faculty Experience within the Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Network

Author's name: 

Damen Haile Mariam, Atiene Solomon Sagay, Wilfred Arubaku, Rebecca J. Bailey, Rhona K. Baingana, Aluonzi Burani, Ian D. Couper, Christopher B.

Bad practices in mobile learning

something doesn't seem quite right with this particular implementation ...

something doesn't seem quite right

Can Open Data boost economic growth and prosperity?

What interventions are needed by governments - and by the World Bank - to stimulate and support the realization of the economic ben

Impact of EKO’s SimpliBank on the saving behaviour and practices of low income customers: the Indian experience

India has the second largest financially excluded poor in the world, yet given the rising mobile phone usage in the country, m-banking has a great potential for reaching unbanked population. In this respect, EKO mobile banking is an early mover in offering basic saving account to the poor in partnership with the State Bank of India on a low cost banking platform.

Public consultation: African declaration for internet rights and freedoms

31 July 2014
(ET for APCNews)

Earlier this year, civil society organisations drafted the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms in

How do you write a biography about collaboration?

A friend recently posted a video on Facebook, a 1997 news story from ABC’s Nightline about Tripod, the social media company I helped build in Williamstown MA from 1994-1999.

Free Zone 9 Bloggers

Once upon a time, there was a blog.
It was written in Amharic, the dominant language in Ethiopia, by a team of young journalists and thinkers who wanted to have an open, public conversation about the future of their nation.

Introducing the Ushahidi Platform Front-End Stack

In a series of blog posts over the past few weeks we have learned about the radical changes under the hood within the Ushahidi Platform, evolving from an initial set of libraries to a whole new set of libraries. Over the past months, as we were building the application, we experienced a series of limitations that brought into question our choice of libraries.

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