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Open Telecom Data – Moving Forward

The value of being connected to a communication network is steadily rising.

Shaping a digital future for all: Our voice, our data, our privacy

 (Berlin, Germany) The internet offers great opportunities for freedom of expression, participation and transparency. For human rights defenders worldwide, it is a lifeline to share information and make their voices heard.

Data Literacy Workshop

(Bangkok, Thailand) The Data Literacy for UN Resident Coordinators in Asia-Pacific is a three-day workhop that brings together UN Resident Coordinators and Heads of Agencies to promote a common understanding on selected issues related to data and statistics fo

APC at RightsCon 2018

More than 2,000 participants are expected at RightsCon 2018, which will explore pressing issues including innovation, free expression, gender diversity and digital inclusion, encryption and cybersecurity, and many other topics relevant to ke

Two Bens and a Mark: a talk at Ben Franklin Hall in Philadelphia

I’m speaking today in Ben Franklin Hall in Philadelphia for a conference of Media Impact Funders. And, at the request of the organizers, I’m cosplaying the great hustler himself.

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