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Is Blockchain Ready to be Applied to Asia’s Development Challenges?

While the hype builds to a crescendo, blockchain use is still very much in its infancy, especially within the international development field. When we talk about blockchain, “we’re in the 1996-2000 stage,” said one participant of the Bangkok Technology Salon on How to Use Blockchain in International Development? In a discussion led by mobile...

How Indigenous Communities Are Using Data to ‘Reframe’ Their Narratives Through Digital Storytelling

Andrés Tapia, Apawki Castro, and Juan Diego Andrango were some of the people who participated in the first series of the Ref

The Oxfam scandal exposes an industry wide problem – what next?

If you work in the aid and development sector, you’ll have done some soul searching and had a few difficult conversations with friends, donors, and colleagues* about ‘the Oxfam scandal’ this past week. Much has been written about the topic already.

mSakhi in Pictures

mobile app in use in Uganda
February 16, 2018
The mobile app is

What Digital Development Future Do You Want to See in 2030?

What is the world you want to see in 2030? What do you want it to look like? I ask this question because I am concerned. I am worried. I am afraid. What will our future be when our brightest minds are focused on producing the Yo App.

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