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Keeping momentum toward India's digital future

The Government of India has recently announced the Digital India program, which aims to transform the country into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

Small College in Ghana Makes Big Changes to Train More Health Workers

An accident. A car wreck on the roadside in Kumasi, Ghana. A pregnant woman cut, injured. Ave Maria Quist rushes over to help. “I applied pressure to the part that was bleeding, and I called for an ambulance,” she says. “Then we took the woman straight to the hospital for further treatment.”

Where Are the Health Workers?

Professor Kayode Odusote (consultant for IntraHealth International, right) discusses health worker distribution with Mbemba Traore (director of the human resources unit at the Guinea Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene, left).

Announcing Ushahidi v3.0.0.0-beta.14 release!

v3.0.0.0-beta.14 is out!
Spin it up on our demo site, please keep in mind that this is not ready for production, but we are getting really close.
username: demo

Technology, Teaching, and Learning: A DFID Review of ICT4Edu Evidence

If you had 90 seconds to answer a question you did not know the answer to, what would you do? Admit to the gap in your knowledge? Take a guess at the answer? Or Google the answer on your phone? The majority of people would opt for the later. Technology has not only changed the...

Towards a world that counts: an ID for every woman and every child

This week, the World Bank is hosting the Data2X and the Gender Data Revolution event to draw attention to some of the most distur

On the road to Open Data: glimpses of the discourse in India

Recently I attended an India Open Data Community meeting organised by the World Bank in New Delhi that brought together government official

7 Key Insights in Using ICT to Improve Ebola Response

Recently, we had the 175th Technology Salon in Washington, DC, this one focused on How Can ICTs Improve Our Ebola Response? Be sure to sign up to get invited to our next event. In the lively morning-long discussion with 35 key thought leaders and decision makers from across the technology and development sectors, we came...

Clogher Corner Celebrates New Cambodian Voices

Rising Voices Grantee Project Update

Responsible Data for Humanitarian Response: Maximising Benefits, Minimising Risks

"Responsible Data for Humanitarian Response" will be hosted on 24 and 25 February the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with Leiden University and other partners. This expert meeting will bring together senior management (responsible for innovative p

Turning the tables: could satellite guided goats help stop fires in Indonesia?

Marita Kurniasari
Source: Rappler
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