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The past 30 days in technology for development

Exploring implications of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for building inclusive Knowledge Societies and achieving SDGs

(Geneva, Switzerland) On 21 December, UNESCO is organizing an Open Forum to trigger debates and reflections on the human rights and other implications of big data and Artificial Intelligence on building inclusive knowledge societies and achieving the 2030 Sust

How 22 Million Refugees Can Create Better Futures Through Technology

Recently, 35 professionals sought to understand what’s been called the greatest and most complicated crisis of our generation. They focused on exploring how refugees around the world are using tech to create more agency and better futures in the December SF Bay Area Technology Salon on How Can 22 Million Refugees Use Technology to Create...

Community Engagement is Improving HIV Prevention Programs in Tanzania

December 21, 2017
Community leaders are key to reaching men with voluntary medical male circumcision services.

iHRIS Data Result in Savings for Kenya’s Kilifi County Health Sector

December 15, 2017
The county is now saving over $150,000 per year, thanks to data discrepancies revealed by iHRIS.

Why UHC Day Is a Call to Action for the World’s Youth

December 14, 2017
Our potential as advocates and partners in achieving universal health coverage is woefully untapped.

Driving Away Air Pollution in Mexico City

This interview of the Grand Prize Winner of the Data for
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