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To Achieve #HealthForAll We Need Health Workers for All

December 11, 2016
Universal health coverage is about the money—the cost of reaching people with health care and the human and economic costs of not reaching them.

Stand Up For Human Rights by Fighting Fistula

December 10, 2016
Obstetric fistula is an important example on Human Rights Day because it is an underrepresented and often unheard of condition that affects a population that is also underrepresented and unheard: impoverished women.

WASH Works, So What Are We Waiting For?

October 13, 2016
October 15 is Global Handwashing Day and the theme is “Make Handwashing a Habit!” That's great. But what if the only water you have to wash with is dark brown?

Can Uttar Pradesh Improve Its Health Care Indicators with mSakhi?

December 08, 2016
In a state with one of the poorest health indicators, there’s an app that might help if the government invests more in it.
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