Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

Event Date: 
September 2014 - October 2014

September 30 – October 3, 2014

20th International AIDS Conference

Event Date: 
July 2014

July 20–25, 201420th International AIDS ConferenceMelbourne, Australia

Most Popular News and Blog Posts of 2013

Here are the top ten most popular news articles and blog posts of 2013 on the CapacityPlus website. Check them out and learn more about how countries are using our tools and approaches to strengthen the health workforce.

Top of the Morning: 2.4 Billion Raised for Syria Relief

Top stories from DAWNS Digest
$2.4 Billion Raised for Syria Humanitarian Relief

Here’s How Much The International Community Cares About Syria

By the end of the day today we will have  a good sense of how much the international community really cares about Syrians suffering from conflict.

Top of the Morning: Japan Prime Minister Wraps Up Big Tour of Africa, With Aid Pledges

Top stories from DAWNS Digest
Japan Prime Minister Finishes Africa Tour With Big Aid Plans

Training Videos by Farmers, for Farmers

Some days, community agricultural extension workers in India have to travel many miles between several villages in one day. Would it be possible to make these jobs easier through technology, to tap into existing organizational structures?

Rest in peace, Teresa Peters

I got an email from an old friend today, the sort of mass email we send our friends and colleagues to update each other on our lives and goings on. I didn’t make it past the first line, because he opened his missive by mourning the death of Teresa Peters.

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