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New Resource Spotlight: Health Workforce Productivity: An Approach for Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement

New Resource Spotlight: Health Workforce Productivity: An Approach for Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement

Liberian Youth Leading Efforts to End Ebola Crisis

“Ebola is everybody’s business… we need to work to ensure we win this fight against Ebola before it consumes our country and destroys the hard earned peace and stability we sought for so many years.” – S. Aaron Weah-Weah III

Dissertation research questionnaire on crisis Micro-Mapping

Hello fellow volunteers,
I am a student at the University of Portsmouth and am doing a dissertation on the process and effectiveness of using social media- in particularly Twitter- for crisis mapping during natural disasters.

Is innovation what you do when your back is against the wall?

I remember watching the movie, 127 Hours. In a dire situation, facing almost certain death, his hand lodged by a rock against a crevice, the main character in the movie does the unthinkable to save himself – he chops off his own arm!

The IACHR hosts thematic hearing on internet and human rights

29 September 2014
(VB for APCNews)

The Center for Studies on Freedom of Expression and Access to Informatio

Namibian Leaders Determined to Address Country’s Health Disparities

Today Namibia has plenty of reasons to celebrate.The country is well on its way to meeting the Millennium Development Goals for education, the environment, and gender by 2015.

Emerging Opportunities: Monitoring and Evaluation in a Tech-Enabled World

Paper exploring how ICTs are helping to overcome common M&E challenges, including “real-world” challenges and methodological and conceptual challenges. It offers ideas on untested areas where ICTs could play a role in evaluation, and an in-depth discussion of some of the new challenges, problems and risks that arise when incorporating ICTs into the M&E process as a whole.

The Emerging Opportunities for M&E in a Tech-Enabled World

The past few years have seen dramatic advances in the use of hand-held devices (phones and tablets) for program monitoring and for survey data collection. Progress has been slower with respect to the application of ICT-enabled devices for program evaluation, but this is clearly the next frontier.

The Amp #21: September 1 to 26

Rising Voices is pleased to announce this year's Amazonia microgrants will be awarded to seven citizen media outreach projects across South America. Meet the seven projects from Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Of Tor and Condoms

Tor garlic condom

I am far from the first to compare digital security practices to safer sex pr

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