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Want to Talk about Family Planning? Reach Out to Your Local Mayor

May 08, 2017
Advocacy efforts to improve access to and use of family planning must include local government officials. 

2017 ECOSOC Integration Segment

(New York, USA) Global Pulse is pleased to speak during the 2017 ECOSOC Integration Segment to take place in New York from 8 to 10 May 2017.

To the Wise Women and Men of Midwifery: Thank You

May 05, 2017
Midwifery is more than clinical services. It’s a science and an art with deep history.

Why You Should Celebrate Your Health Worker Today

May 04, 2017
Health workers are central to discussions on mental health—both as providers of treatment and care and as potential sufferers of depression brought about by work-related stress. 

Finding the balance: Right to privacy and the drive to innovate in the UN

Robert Kirkpatrick, Mila Romanoff, Gina Lucarelli, Jens Wandel

Did Facebook finally figure out that consent is more important than nipples?

3 May 2017
(Erika Smith in collaboration with Fungai Machirori for Take Back the Tech!)

While Facebook’s new tool to prevent intimate images posted withou

The Power of Storytelling: Unlocking Energy for Change

May 03, 2017
What happens when frontline health workers team up with a professional storytelling coach? The results are unforgettable.
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