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Five New Jobs at Ushahidi!

This week we put five new positions up on the Ushahidi Jobs page. Exciting stuff happening in the Ushaverse. Let me kick off this post with a caveat. At Ushahidi, we don’t hire for specific skills and often purposefully keep our role definitions grey. At Ushahidi we hire for awesome.

4 Ways to Properly Include Women in Your mHealth Initiative

Social norms and stigmas often lead to men owning mobile phones more often than women in many parts of the developing world.

Latin America at a glance: Human rights and the internet

30 August 2014
(ONG Derechos Digitales, APC and Joana Varon Ferraz for ONG Derechos Digitales)

This document summarizes the discuss

Ushahidi for Services

I had the rare privilege of being tested for Ebola last week (short story: blood poisoning, near death, asked where my office was, said Kenya, drips, intensive care, recovering fine etc), and have been looking today at designs for upcoming V3 features to help improve service provision (monitoring poverty levels, rural water, electricity etc).

Report on communications surveillance in the digital age to be launched in Turkey

29 August 2014

A ground breaking report on mass surveillance will be released at the Internet Governa

New edition on gender, sexuality and the internet

29 August 2014
(FF for

Most of the material featured in this edition draws on the debates that took place during the G

The Amp #20: August 15 to 29

Girl Activists: Telling Our Own Digital Stories in Kyrgyzstan - Girl Activists in Kyrgyzstan are sharing their knowledge with girls from surrounding villages so they can speak for them

APC's priorities for the ninth Internet Governance Forum,Turkey, 2014

29 August 2014
(APC for APCNews)

The ninth annual IGF will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on 2–5 September 2014.

Building sustainable and resilient family farms

ICTs can contribute to greater resilience in family farming by forecasting, preventing, mitigating and adapting to those causes that affect the well-being of family farmers.    

ICTs in rural Ghana

Resilience in family farming

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