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IREX Showcases Global UGRAD 2014-2015 Participant Virtual Exchange Projects

In celebration of International Education Week 2014, Global UGRAD participants designed Virtual Exchange Projects to demonstrate the impacts of their Global UGRAD program experience, utilizing technical skills they have gained through the program

What Digital Data Can Tell Us About Contraception and Teenage Pregnancy

Chris Lukolyo
The work of

New Resource Centers Put Critical Information in the Hands of West Bank Health Workers

Like a busy intersection, the West Bank’s health system is experiencing a lot of traffic.

#UPR20: Egypt, Iraq should revise laws violating human rights

18 November 2014
(Shawna Finnegan for APCNews)

APC breaks down the major outcomes of the 20th session of the Human Rights Council Un

The How and Why: Building The New

We’ve been discussing the new recently, and our own Brandon Rosage has shared some great videos of the new UX we’re feverishly working on. We thought it would be a good time to discuss how we’re building the new, and why we’ve taken the approach we have.

Categorizing the collaboration and community promotion spaces that make urban innovation ecosystems tick

A variety of collaboration spaces are spreading across urban innovation ecosystems. This makes sense intuitively, because collaboration spaces create and — in some cases — manage and sustain the communities that make the ecosystem exist and grow. 

Chiapas Health Workers Improve Maternal Health with mHealth

Rural Chiapas might appear to be an unlikely place for mHealth initiatives to gain traction—with one person in four unable to read, and little cell phone reception or internet connectivity in the mountains, it would seem that accessing under

Preparing for the Chariboan Joi Cultural Festival Festival in Shipibo Communities

Rising Voices Grantee Project Update.

IMG_0962Shipibo youth in the community. Photo provided by the project.

How Open Data can fight poverty and boost prosperity in Kyrgyzstan

All around the world, governments are recognizing the value and potential of Open Data.

Inveneo Is Hiring: Finance Manager

Job Title: Finance Manager
Supervisor: Bruce Baikie

Highlights on tech-related violence against women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico and the Philippines

14 November 2014
(Flavia Fascendini for APCNews)

APC’s “End violence: Women’s rights and safety online” project has achieved several milestones in the l

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