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Feminist Principles of the Internet v. 2.0: A constantly evolving framework for women's empowerment

22 August 2016

A feminist internet works towards empowering more women and queer persons – in all our diversities – to fully enjoy our rights,

Mine Kafon Drone: The Best ICT4D Kickstarter Ever

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When, Where, and How to Use Drones for Development

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones produce a visceral reaction, perceived in different ways through the eyes of the beholder. Is it a military weapon, hi-tech recreation, or a research tool? International development professionals have formed additional uses for this technology. UAVs conduct remote surveys, deliver test results or supplies, and provide surveillance. Yet, there...

The Feminist Internet Exchange at the 13th AWID International Forum

19 August 2016

From 8 to 11 September, in Costa do Saruípe, Brazil, we will hold a space that puts feminism – in all of

Data Revolution: How AI and Machine Learning Are Remaking Our World

(San Francisco, USA) The advent of deep learning, the power and possibilities of big data, and the plummeting cost of computing power and storage, have made machine-learning technologies as ubiquitous as they are transformative. Bloomberg Government, in partne

Data Science for Social Impact Events Roundup

Felicia Vacarelu and Anoush Rima Tatevossian
Part of Glob

On World Humanitarian Day, Remember Local Health Workers

When you think of a humanitarian, what image comes to mind? A foreign aid worker? A group of missionaries? Maybe a few American celebrities stirring trans-Atlantic compassion?

Indonesia Update Conference 2016

(Canberra, Australia) In Indonesia, digitalisation has impacted the media industry, banks, polling institutes, terrorism networks, disaster relief and city planners, as well as education, employment, political activism, artistic production and much more. The 2

Data for Policy 2016 Conference

(Cambridge, United Kingdom) This two day event will take place on the 15-16 September and brings together an exclusive list of expert presentations covering angles from a range of disciplines including Statistics, Computer Science, Economics,

“Big Data for Peace Summer School” at Leiden University

(The Hague, Netherlands) The Centre for Innovation has invited innovators who create digital solutions promoting the development of peace and justice to talk about their work and visions. This 5-day course will give an in-depth overview of how Big Data is incr

Research Dive: making sense of language data in Indonesia

Dikara Alkarisya and Elaine Hartono
“Doing a research dive is an
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