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Resilience Resources: RABIT - Resilience Assessment Benchmarking and Impact

This page provides guidance materials relating to RABIT: the Resilience Assessment Benchmarking and Impact Toolkit.  This enables the measurement of resilience baselines, and also measurement of the impact on resilience of development interventions; particularly introduction of ICTs.  It focuses on resilience in low-income communities.

Africa going nuclear

Insights and analysisCan African states turn their nuclear power ambitions into reality?Africa loses about 4% of its GDP annually due to insufficient electricity generation.

Summary of the first UN World Data Forum: 15-18 January 2017

This IISD summary provide a synthesis of discussion and outcomes from the first UN World Data Forum held in South Africa from 15-18 January 2017.

‘Beating down’ food prices in Nigeria

News and economyAs well as chicken in South Africa and moreGet your boxing gloves on: Nigeria’s president has formed a task force to

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Cocoa producers in Ivory Coast don’t like what they see

News and economyAnd more trending newsInvestment in Ivory Coast’s cocoa industry appears to be slowing down in the wake of mil

Stop saying “fake news”. It’s not helping.

One bit of good news for those thoroughly freaked out by the Trump presidency: there’s anger, passion and drive on the left that’s unprecedented in recent memory. Two weekends ago, my girlfriend, a veteran of Occupy Houston, warned me that it was difficult to mobilize people in that car-centric city and thought we might find a few hundred marchers for the post-inauguration march.

Electricity supply in Nigeria is in a woeful state

Insights and analysis“Power is the single most critical agenda we should address as a nation”, says Tony Elumelu, chairman of Transcorp.

Zenzeleni: Do-it-yourself telecoms networks in rural South Africa

26 January 2017
(APC for APCNews)

Masibulele Jay Siya told us the story of Mankosi, a village that came tog

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