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Stop me before I Sachs again

By William Easterly

Jeffrey Sachs strikes again.

I’m so sorry readers, I know this is getting really, really OLD. But Sachs unveils such a bizarre geographic theory of Africa’s poverty, with such misguided implications for aid policy, that I am forced to respond. I can’t help myself, the stakes are too high. Suggestions for corrective therapy would still be welcome.

Unintended consequences

This is a subject which always fascinates me - “potential negative outcomes” from “perceived positive acts”. I’ve seen this kind of thing in the field before, but today found a blog which brings it much closer to home and, as a result, makes it far more relevant to far more people.

Nomad Green: Web Herders who Guard Mongolian Environment(1)

I am writing a series of posts about Nomad Green's workshops from 5/4-5/14 in Ulaanbaatar. This post is the first of them.

“They burn used tires just to get warm?” I asked.
“You have no idea how cold it is in Mongolia's winter” Boum replied.

As a Taiwanese living all of my life in this humid and hot island, I've never imagined that one day I would visit Mongolia, make dozens of friends there, and share their concerns about their crumbling mother land.

A New Era of Human Rights Advocacy

In our globalized world - where a single trip to the gas pump or supermarket is also an ethical decision which reveals our concern (or lack thereof) for the welfare of individuals and environments in other countries - it is readily apparent why we would need a global moral code to help guide our actions and their far-reaching repercussions.

Drop-In Center: Will Controlling Meds Cause More Harm?

Pavel Kutsev.
Rising Voices grantee Drop-In Center continues to discuss issues that impact people living with a drug addiction. On his Web blog, the organization's leader, Pavel Kutsev, reacted to the Ukrainian government's recent decision to tighten rules concerning medications that can be used by drug users to mitigate the abstinence syndrome (also known as drug withdrawal).

Rebuilding Together in Alexandria

For the second year in a row, Forum One participated in Rebuilding Together Alexandria's National Rebuilding Day.

XO Keyboard Field Repair: Plastic Tape & Paper Fix

A whole new keyboard hack

Let's say you are a child in Peru. You have an XO laptop through the OLPC program there, but like many other XO's, your computer develops a sticky keyboard. Or you pick at the keys and tear them. Maybe you got stupid first, and typed on it under a faucet.

IREX staffer Haratounian wrongly imprisoned for spying in Iran

While much of the US media has focused on the recent release of Roxana Saberi after being falsely accused of spying in Iran, other cases similar remain unresolved. Silva Haratounian was working in Iran on behalf of the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), which focuses on international education, academic research, professional training and technical assistance.

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