ICTDev Pulse

Communities of practice in the 21st century

Bev and Etienne Wenger-Trayner discuss communities of practice and the notion of identity in knowledge management.   

KM4Dev: after-hours online forum

What is KM4Dev, and how does it work? Sarah Cummings explains how it came to life and what makes the KM4Dev community tick.  

Tools to keep communities of practice ticking

Krishan Bheenick discusses various online interaction platforms for exchanging information, from email-based platforms and Dgroups to knowledge management blogs.  


Despite being the backbone of rural economies, women still have limited access to key resources such as land, market and services.  

Building an online platform for African farmer organisations

The Pan-African Farmers’ Organization was created in 2010 to organise farmers and defend their interests by promoting valuable knowledge management tools  

Animating online communities – a facilitator’s experience

Johnson Opigo describes his personal experience facilitating CTA’s Web2forDev Trainer’s Community of Practice.  

On the Front Lines: Supporting Health Workers that Deliver Lifesaving Vaccines

One of the greatest successes in global health in the past 25 years has been the slashing of

Transforming state-citizen relations in food security schemes: the computerized ration card management system in Kerala

This paper looks at the application of ICTs to the improvement of state-citizen relations in a developing country context. It argues that, to maximise responsiveness of the government, ICTs need to target the structural problems in state-citizen relations, from which unresponsiveness of the state to citizens is generated.

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