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Who Filters Your News? Why we built gobo.social

Roughly ten years ago, as phones became smartphones and Facebook and Twitter began their rise towards ubiquity, a fundamental social shift took place: the majority of people in the developed world became content creators.

What Exactly Motivates and Retains Health Workers—and How Do We Measure It?

November 16, 2017
The quirks, preferences, and priorities that drive our decisions are tough to nail down.
Human beings do weird things sometimes.

Data-Infused Impact Storytelling Can Increase Development Outcomes

At the Technology Salon San Francisco on Data-Infused Impact Storytelling, a vibrant group of technologists and development experts gathered at the Vodafone Americas Foundation in Redwood City to explore how to be better storytellers in our efforts to change the world. The discussion featured a curated group of participants, and discussion leads including: Chantal Buard...

How to Use Blockchain for International Development

Blockchain is at the peak of inflated expectations. Since last year’s Tech Salon on Bitcoin, the hype cycle has eclipsed cryptocurrencies to focus the underlying distributed ledger technology. Just look at who is putting blockchain front and center: World Bank launched a Blockchain Lab and a blockchain RFP. The Rockefeller Foundation invested in New America’s...

Call for Nominations: UN Global Pulse Data Privacy Advisory Group

Global Pulse
Global Pulse is pleased to open the call for

Neha Misra Brings Light—and Power—into the Lives of Women around the World

November 15, 2017
Neha Misra embodies the notion that unexpected combinations can create unexpected good—a theme that inspires our annual SwitchPoint conference.
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