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Resilient Health Systems: What Will it Take to Crack the Nut?

Resiliency as a concept is not new.The Rockefeller Foundation has been a leading voice in resilience over the last five years and has a compelling articulation on it

Introducing the Radio Content Analysis Tool for Sustainable Development

Pulse Lab Kampala
Pulse Lab Kampala today launched the pro

New Initiative Supports STEM Solutions in Global Education

IREX is pleased to announce the launch of the World Smarts STEM Challenge, a virtual exchange initiative that pairs high schools in the United States and Ghana in a competition for th

Recommendations for Effective Citizen Engagement in the Decentralization Reforms

Ukraine has been undergoing major shifts in the political landscape over the last two years including the initiation and roll out of the intertwined processes of administrative amalgamation and decentralization.

The government and the Association of Internet Providers block access to websites in Ecuador

14 April 2016
(APC for APCNews)

A leaked document shows that the Ecuadorian government of Rafael Correa in collaboration with the private sector has the techn

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