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RightsCon 2016: “A mandatory meeting on internet rights, but more global South perspectives are needed”

13 May 2016

“While the perspectives of the global South do not yet fully permeate discussions in RightsCon, it is emerging as a space where they can be addressed, discussed and more fully understood.”

ICT for development working paper series 2013

This issue of the Working Paper Series on ICT for DevelopmentF seven articles that deal with ICT for Development in the fields of agriculture and commerce. Titles include:

On the development of the mobile based agricultural extension system in Tanzania: a technological perspective

The growth of African science and technology has been hampared by a multitude of problems. From the continent’s late start in the race to setting up and obtaining universities with research quality fundamentals to equipment acquisition, lack of capacity, limited research and development resources and most importantly the increasing absence of international research partnerships.

Cultivating Leaders to Strengthen Civil Society in Brazil

Across the globe, civil society plays an important role in keeping governments accountable, providing services to underserved populations, and giving communities a voice in their own future.
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