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Can Uttar Pradesh Improve Its Healthcare Indicators With mSakhi?

Disclosure: The author is researching the potential and limits of mobile health apps in low cost settings where mSakhi is a case study.Here’s some trivia to chew on: if Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India, were a country, it w

IGF 2016 - Internet Governance in the Middle East and North Africa policy brief

5 December 2016
(APC for APCNews)

With the annual Internet Governance Forum kicking off this week in Guadalajara, Mexico, we developed a guide for participants from the Middle East and North Africa, identifying sessions on themes relevant in the region: human rights, security, trade, a

Trending news: Business, economy, finance news roundup

SA’s credit rating, Nigeria exploring crude, investing in Egypt, Morocco-Nigeria economic relations and more.

GISWatch: An annual snapshot of the information society, 10 years running

3 December 2016
(Florencia Roveri, from Nodo TAU for APCNews)

Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) has reached its 10th edition, provi

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