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Inside the Information Society: What about books?

Twenty years ago, as the internet took off, a lot of people thought the days of books were numbered. 

South Africa: Civil society organisations test government’s commitment to human rights at the United Nations

South Africa risks continued failures to fulfil its human rights obligations to people if the government’s austerity policy is maintained, civil society organisations have warned at the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultur

Right to Know - Episode 3: The unheard will not remain unseen

In this third episode, we visit the ancient city of Chanderi, home to four and a half thousand weavers, we are inundated with terrifically bad smells, and we find a pirate radio broadcaster living a few hours drive from where the Buddha had

Sixth African School on Internet Governance to take place in Zanzibar, 11-16 October 2018

The School's primary goal is to give Africans from multiple sectors and stakeholder groups the opportunity to gain knowledge that will enable them to participate in internet governance processes and debates at the national, regional and glob

APC members in 2017: KICTANet elections observation mission

During the 2017 general elections, the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet) observed the use of ICTs before, during and after election day, focusing on digital rights such as privacy rights during the electronic voter registration process and

APC members in 2017: WOUGNET highlights the importance of the Feminist Principles of the Internet to achieve women's rights online

WOUGNET held a national local level conversation on the Feminist Principles of the Internet (FPIs) under a project funded by the UN Women Fund for Gender Equality, combined with a capacity-building activity funded under our Women’s Rights On

APC members in 2017: VOICE issues legal notice to protect the right to privacy in Bangladesh

A legal notice has been issued by VOICE to the Secretary of Posts and Telecommunications and Chairman of the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) demanding protection of the rights of mobile consumers and particularly t

APC members in 2017: Building and supporting community cellular networks in Brazil and Colombia

Thanks to support through an APC subgrant, Rhizomatica was able to support a number of emerging initiatives in Brazil and Colombia regarding community cellular networks.
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