Future Quotient Report recognizes Ushahidi

Ushahidi is honoured to be recognized by the Future Quotient Report of the 50 Stars of Seriously Long-Term Innovation. JWT and Volans conducted a survey of 500 public, private and NGO leaders which showed that over 90% think the ability to think and act with long-term horizons in mind is very important, and 80% see it as getting more important. They also conducted workshops and expert interviews.
Organizations including TED, Green Growth and individuals like Lester Brown and Vera Cordeiro met the following “7 C’s” Future Quotient (FQ) characteristics: challenging, curious, collaborative, courageous, creative, cross-generational and culturally connected. The 50 Stars highlighted in the report are examples to demonstrate guidelines and inspire action. We recommend that you review the Future Quotient report’s 28 model tools for investors and organizations. These aim to help consider your future innovation strategy and FQ leadership goals.

Future Quotient launch video (55 minutes)
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You and your organization can also contribute and consider the Future Quotient MindTimeMap.
Thank you to JWT and Volans for including Ushahidi. Ushahidi users and deployers collaborate around the world. We would like to recognize all their efforts to action change.