Which is the Best Twitter Hashtag for ICT in Education? #ICT4E #ICT4Edu #EdTech #EduTech or Something Else?

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If you follow the #ICT4D hashtag on Twitter, you'll see a strong, focused conversation around the use of ICT in international development. Happily, the ICTworks helped create that focus through Twitter Chats we organized in the past. (Want them back? Throw out some topics!)
The same cannot be said for the ICT in education space. There are a number of hashtags in use, for all sorts of communities. The most popular seem to be:

  1. #EdTech - Mainly North American/Europe tweets that focus on 1st world ideas and issues
  2. #EduTech - A mix of developed and developing world thoughts and ideas
  3. #ICT4E - More international development focused, but not so popular
  4. #ICT4Edu - Our favorite, which seems only to be used by ICTworks

Now the beauty of a good Twitter hashtag is that over time, it comes to mean something specific, and therefore people only tag their tweets with it to reach a very targeted group of people. Looking at the list above, which do you think would be the best to concentrate those focused on using ICT to improve educational systems in the developing world?
Now, I say #ICT4E for two reasons. First, its easy, short, and flows with the #ICT4D tag. Next, it's not that widely used, so we can take it over and make it ours without too much effort. But what do you, dear community say? It's our collective hashtag after all.

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