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An Avon-Like Approach to Lifesaving Health Care

Chuck Slaughter might be the founder of Living Goods—one of the most innovative health delivery organizations in the world—but when he started out, he was a struggling serial entrepreneu

Higher Education Could Support Kurdistan’s Economic Recovery

Political deadlock, a worsening economic crisis fueled by falling oil prices, refugees, and Daesh—much of the recent news from Iraqi Kurdistan swirls around these pressing issues.

Mapping it out: four facilitation tools to help structure thinking about data projects

George Hodge
Global Pulse partners with governments, UN agencies, no

What is the state of digital security and digital rights advocacy in the Middle East and North Africa?

24 May 2016

During the “Arab Spring” of 2011, the internet was a space for mobilisation. Despite the increasing sophistication of persecution, the efforts to defend human rights, both online and offline, have not ceased.

Digital rights advocacy in the Arab world and the Universal Periodic Review

24 May 2016

This report explores how local groups in the Maghreb and Machrek regions are engaged in internet-related rights advocacy at the national and regional levels, and how that reflects upon the inclusion of these issues in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process.

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