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Does infrastructure mitigate the effect of urban concentration on poverty in developing countries?

The paper focuses on a poorly investigated issue, although highly challenging for developing countries, which is the nexus between urban concentration, poverty and infrastructure.

Trade and R&D externalities: iImpact on the cost of production of the Tunisian manufacturing sector

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a suitable methodology for estimating the extent to which less developed countries—namely Tunisia—that hardly invest in research and development benefit from R&D that is conducted in industrial countries.

Trade, transaction costs and TFP: evidence from Tunisia and Egypt

Increases in total factor productivity (TFP) are commonly associated with accumulation of knowledge through technological innovation and investment in R&D. However, organisational innovations also improve productivity through the reduction of transaction costs.

New Beginnings: ICT Trainings for Unemployed Citizens in Kazakhstan

As Central Asia’s wealthiest country, Kazakhstan continues to attract a multitude of foreign investors as the country aspires to be one of the top exporters of oil by 2020.
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