Is the Federal Government's "Buy Nigerian-made ICT" campaign smart technology policy?


The National Information Technology Development Agency of Nigeria is enforcing a Federal Government mandatory policy that requires public sector ministries, departments and agencies to procure Nigerian IT products. As Vanguard Nigeria reports:
"Ministries, departments and agencies that do not patronize Nigeria IT products are liable to imprisonment and fine or both. 'Indeed, it will be an offense punishable by a prison term and fine under the NITDA Act,' said Director General of National IT Development Agency, NITDA, Prof. Cleopas Angaye"
Now the idea of buying local is a good one. Nigeria certainly has quality technology producers. Omatek has its own netbook and Zinox outsells international laptops like HP, Acer, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo and LG Electronics. But is requiring the purchase of Nigerian products good mandatory policy?
I think I have to agree with Aghatise Joseph's response:
In as much as we welcome this initiative, I personally view it as a step in the WRONG direction. NITDA should be talking about technology skills transfer rather than total dependency on a weak economy. How many companies currently ASSEMBLE computers and ICT related devices in Nigeria? NITDA should have supported educational institutions in ICT development and grown the sector over time before coming up with this ACT. It will definitely fail.
What is your take? Is NITDA smart or crazy in enforcing "buy Nigeria" in government purchases of technology products and services?

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