Weekly: Election Mapping and Roadmap Feedback

Elections, Software Roadmap Feedback and more in the Ushahidi weekly:
This is a big election year around the world. Our community is gearing up in their mapping adventures. And, the Ushahidi team is participating in the Personal Democracy Forum (NYC) and a Free Election Hackathon (UK).
Our weekly report also includes requests for more feedback into Ushahidi’s future. What would you like to see for your deployments?
From the Community
Mapping election monitoring and election rights, there are growing number of Election-related Ushahidi maps. While there have been only a few maps in the USA, expect this to grow. See yesterday’s Wisconsin Recall map.

Yo! Philly Votes is a project from the recent Random Hacks of Kindness. RHOK project’s using Ushahidi’s code were: Water Voices (3rd place winner in Toronto), Philly Votes (Philly Votes Facebook page/ Storify), and Taarifa (SouthHampton) (building on the RHOK Water Hackathon)
Research and reports
The Harassmap team (PDF) has released their first Annual Report (PDF). Dave Leng and the HEAL team provided a comprehensive report about the NEOC Cyclone Simulation (PDF), which included Ushahidi and the Standby Task Force. These and other resources are posted on the Ushahidi community site.
If you are writing about Ushahidi and our community, please share your research.
Into the Code
As we continue our planning for Ushahidi 3.0, review of Github Issues and have published our Roadmap, we want to be sure to provide voice to your requests:
Collaborators Wanted
Mikal needs a technical partner to help on his project:
“I’m proposing to use Crowdmap to create a multimedia wiki of the “timber wars” period in the Pacific Northwest (1983-late ’90s, but also tracking events to present), taking advantage of crowdsourcing to gather data of a breadth and depth not possible before. This significant period in history has never been properly documented and never quantified, so unlike many Ushahidi deployments that track current events, this will use modern tools to recreate historical events.”
(Drop Hleson at ushahidi dot com a note to be introduced. Or ping Mikal on Twitter)
Kevin Mulhern is working on Transition Shetland. His proposal is on the wiki on his user profile.
“I want to self-host the platform and it will likely need significant customizations once we begin defining end goals of the project a bit more. My web skills at present are limited, so I’ll need help with both the self-hosting and customization aspects.”
More in the Ushahidi Weekly on the Community Wiki.
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