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A Bold Strategy and Clear Vision to Improve the Global Health Workforce

If not well thought out or without a plan to garner support or how to implement, strategies can be boring, dry, and ineffective in driving action.On the other hand, strategies with clear visions backed by governments, civil society, the priv

The Future of Open and How To Stop It

In 2008, Jonathan Zittrain wrote a book called The Future of the Internet and How To Stop It. In it he argued that the runaway success of the Internet is also the cause of it being undermined, that vested interests were in the process of locking down the potential for innovation by creating walled gardens

Goodbye, Google.org blog

This will be our last post on the Google.org blog. In order to make it easier for people to get the latest news from Google in one place, we're moving to the Official Google Blog.

WTO and Trade in Electronically Delivered Software (EDS): emerging challenges and policy options - an Indian perspective

As the globalisation has intensified and the outreach of internet has expanded, the digitalisation of the trade has assumed new dimensions. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) including the electronic commerce is being looked at as a key links for trade facilitation.

Cost effectiveness analysis of family planning services offered by mobile clinics versus static clinics in Assiut, Egypt

Outreach clinical services –like mobile clinics– can play an important role by providing services to clients living in remote rural areas. This study reports cost effectiveness (CE) information of family planning (FP) services gathered from the mobile clinics and a comparable number of the static clinics in Assiut Governorate, Egypt.

East Asian infrastructure development in a comparative global perspective: an analysis of RIS infrastructure index

Development of infrastructure is one of the key priorities of East Asia Summit (EAS) countries. By constructing an Infrastructure Index for 104 countries comprising all the EAS members, this paper examines the levels of infrastructure attainment of EAS countries in a comparative global perspective over time and space.

APC stands in solidarity with Sudanese journalists, calls on government to drop charges against Madeeha Abdalla

29 January 2015
(APC for APCNews)

APC strongly condemns the charges laid against Madeeha Abdalla, which are a clear violation of the universal human right

1st Denver Tech Salon: How Can Technology Improve International Development?

We have all seen the pretty pictures of children playing with fancy new gadgets, and while the photos are uplifting, do they really signify progress? Does the introduction of new technology, specifically information and communication technologies like mobile phones, computers, and the Internet really accelerate the social and economic advancement of the developing world? Will...

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