Weekly: Swift Day, Translate SMSSync & Hacks

From Swift days to autumn nights, we have a few tasks for the community, upcoming events and a big congratulations to our corruption mapping Deployment of the week.
From the Community:
Virtual Day of Swift Beta: Saturday, September 8, 2012
The community requested a Day of SwiftRiver testing. This will give developers and community members a chance to virtually connect. We’ll skype and/or IRC for real-time (freeish) collaboration. The goal is to test SwiftRiver, discuss functionality, build stuff and file bugs. This is a virtual event on Saturday, September 8, 2012. We’re using meetup for the virtual event, but you can simply Contact Us to join too.
We’ll set up an etherpad and google doc to collaborate topics. The team might even designate items to test/break as part of the day. Issues, bugs and features will be tracked in Github.
Day of Swift Registration
Into the Code
SMSSync has fresh code ready for release testing. Henry will launch this next week.SMSSync by Ushahidi SMSSync is a simple, yet powerful SMS to HTTP sync utility,that turns any Android phone into a local SMS gateway by sending incoming messages(SMS) to a configured URL(web service).

Click to test the new SMSSync.

We did some analysis of the localizations/translations vs. the majority of SMSSync users. We would be thrilled if it was translated into every language, but here is the top list of languages + location that we need a hand. As mentioned in a previous post, we’ve made it easier to translate or localize Ushahidi software.
SMSync is currently translated in full or partial to: German, French, Hungarian, Italian, Swahili, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Serbian, and Portuguese.
Here’s the top languages needed based on where the SMSSync user base is: Swahili, Hindi, Indonesian, Danish, and Italian. Other places SMSync is popular: United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland.
Corruption Map – Deployment of the Week
Corruption Mapping is a growing type of Ushahidi deployment. This team created the map at the Bogota Hacks/Hackers event with the support of community leader, Luis Hernando Aguilar. Congratulations to our Deployment of the Week!
Monitor de Corrupción
Other Upcoming Events
Toronto Community Event: Thursday, September 19, 2012
It has almost been a year since we’ve hosted our first Ushahidi Toronto event. Join us to hear about the latest in Ushahidi, meet some our local deployers, learn about a cool code hack and, most all, meet other community mappers. The goal is brainstorm on how you might be able to support their amazing work. Thanks to Mozilla for hosting us.
Register for the Toronto Connect Event
International Conference of Crisis Mappers & Random Hacks of Kindness
ICCM is October 11 – 14th in Washington, DC. This is the main event for many of us in the digital community. We’ve blogged before about how to join each of the events. Well, today we are happy to announce that the first ICCM – Random Hacks of Kindness will be held at RHOK.
The hackathon is seeking Challenge Submissions from hackers, deployers and humanitarians. What tool or hack would you like to see connect all of these worlds? If you have an idea, submit it by September 27th. (Submitters will need to be available during the hackathon to answer questions.) Registration for ICCM RHOK is open.
Happy Week,