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A Walk through Maternal Health Care in Rural India with mSakhi

The two-room health center in Jhansi District has two beds, a chair, and a table.

Delivering Privilege via WhiteSave.me

I had the privilege (no pun intended) of participating in the Art-a-Hack program via ThoughtWorks this past couple of months. Art-a-Hack is a creative space for artists and hackers to get together for 4 Mondays in June and work together on projects that involve art, tech and hacking.

Gazing into development’s crystal ball

It’s a sector that famously likes to look and plan ahead. So what does the development professional of today think it takes to be a professional development worker of tomorrow?

How To Ensure Global Health Security? Frontline Health Workers, Of Course

During any three-day, high-level meeting of the global health leaders, some common refrains are inevitable.But at the meeting I attended in Cape Town, South Africa, last week—the World Health Organization’s high-level meeting dubbed “Buildin

Six Reasons Ministries of Finance Should Invest in Health Workers

Last week’s high-level talks about human resources for health in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, resulted in the
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