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We’ve never built anything in our lives.

Online privacy, surveillance and warfare discussed at Pakistan Cyberspace Conference

4 March 2015
(APC for APCNews)

“Cyber warfare and cyber security are of immense importance, the government should devise

IAPP's "Global Privacy Summit 2015

(Washington, DC - USA) The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)'s annual Global Privacy Summit brings together privacy commissioners, chief privacy officers from major corporations, experts, and academics as a forum for discussion and deba

5 Women Who Make It Happen for Global Health

As International Women’s Day 2015 approaches, let’s take a few moments to honor some of the many women who are making it happen for global health.Whether it’s online or on the ground, out of sight or in the international spotlight, they’re b

Online outsourcing is creating opportunities for job seekers and job creators

Meet  Joan, a 24-year-old online outsourcing entrepreneur in Kenya. Joan started working online when she was 21 and still in university.

USAID Launches The Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge

Integra is excited to announce the launch of USAID’s Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge, a competition that will source innovative science and technology solutions to combat the issue of wildlife crime. The Challenge will offer applicants an opportunity to win Grand Prizes of as much as $500,000, as well as technical assistance in fields such as […]

Technology at work: the future of innovation and employment

The 21st century has already brought remarkable technological achievements. The leading corporations of the digital age — including YouTube, Facebook and eBay — barely existed only a decade ago. The Human Genome Project was completed in 2003, the year Skype was first released. The first iPhone was launched in 2007 and in 2010 Google announced their first fully autonomous car.

Agiletown: the relentless march of technology and London’s response

Throughout history, advances in technology have transformed commercial activity and the jobs that people do, never more so than today with the accelerating pace of change in digitisation and robotics. The continuing impact of technology on jobs needs a response from policy makers, businesses and educators.

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