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FIFAfrica18: How can we play a part in promoting internet freedom?

There has been an increase in digital rights violations in Africa, such as arrests and intimidation of social media users.

Gender perspectives on privacy: Submission to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy

As an organisation that has worked at the intersections of women’s rights, sexual rights and technology for more than two decades, APC welcomes the focus of the Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy on “gender perspectives on privacy”.<

Pakistan: Global civil society calls on the Government to reverse its order to close 18 human rights and development organisations

25 national, regional and international civil society organisations express their deep concern over the suspension and expulsion of 18 international non-governmental organisations in Pakistan.

Getting woke about getting laid: A HOLAAfrica sex-positive experience

How to start a sex-positive conversation around queerness, sensuality and sexuality, gender expression, and even violence? HOLAAfrica is one platform that shows us how to do it.

The politics of self-care and feminism

What is self-care in a time of hyper-connected people and devices and of image-saturated capitalism, and what does it mean to speak about self-care in relation to feminist politics and the women's movement? 

AfriSIG 2018: How can multistakeholder processes be improved? Interview with James Mutandwa Madya

Following the collaborative governance workshop at AfriSIG 2018, fell James Mutandwa Madya reflects on how multistakeholder processes can be improved.

AfriSIG 2018: Interview with Noha Ashraf Abdel Baky on multistakeholder decision making

AfriSIG fellow Noha Ashraf Abdel Baky reflects on the importance of including youth and grassroots organizations in multistakeholder decision making after the School's collaborative governance workshop.

UNESCO: Open Forum on "Measuring a free, open, rights based and inclusive internet"

The Internet Universality Indicators have been developed through a process of desk research and global multistakeholder consultation, undertaken by UNESCO with the support of a consortium which has been led by the Association for Progressive
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