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Getting to Zero: Lessons on Ebola and Global Health Security

By Jessica Turner,
Global Health Corps fellow, IntraHealth International
November 20, 2018
We sat down with Oliver Johnson to find out how West Africa's 2014 outbreak is informing DRC's today.

Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance: Emerging issues on sexuality and diversity

The Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance was a unique panel at the 2018 IGF, not only because it was one of the few to have full focus on gender rights, but also because it was a participatory session with presentations from p

Feminist Principles of the Internet at Lesbians Who Tech + Allies London Summit 2018

I had previously attended the summits in Berlin (2015), London (2017) and San Francisco (2018).

IGF Main Session on Cybersecurity, Trust and Privacy: Who does multistakeholderism represent?

The session brought together a mixed panel of private, public and government sector representatives.

Holding out for internet rights, access and use: Karen Banks recognised with Lifetime Achievement Award

APC congratulates Karen Banks for being recognised with the Oxford Internet Institute Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 for her extraordinary, unique and long-lasting contributions towards the development, use and study of the internet for the

Countering misinformation online: Strengthening media literacy skills to fight “fake news”

In recent years, the scope and consequences of online disinformation and misinformation campaigns have drawn increasing attention, as concern builds about their ability to exacerbate social polarisation, undermine public trust in the media a

Launch of the 2018 GISWatch report on community networks: The many ways to "do-it-yourself" to end digital exclusion

On 13 November, APC held its official launch of the 2018 edition of Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) at the Internet Governance Forum in Paris.

13 manifestations of gender-based violence using technology

APC's Take Back the Tech! project worked closely with Luchadoras and SocialTIC, campaigners in Mexico, to develop an illustrated list of manifestations of online gender-based violence based on case documentation.

Connecting the underserved: Innovation through knowledge sharing, “imagination” and a “community mindset”

During the Day 3 workshop “Innovative Approaches to Connecting Underserved Areas”, moderator Sebastian Bellagamba stressed that  "the cost of not being connected keeps increasing for people," noting the link between internet access and socio

Does urban youth know what to do about cyberharassment?: Research in Bangladesh

This in-depth article shares reflections on research with urban youth in Bangladesh on how they deal with cyberharassment and cyberbullying, particularly the experience of young women.
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