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DigiGlot Newsletter: App links refugees with volunteer translators

The DigiGlot Newsletter is a bi-weekly collaborative newsletter that reports on how indigenous, minority, and endangered language communities are adopting and adapting technology to increase the digital presence of their languages, and in the process changing the internet landscape by increasing linguistic diversity online.

Jinbonet, 20 years defending internet rights in Korea

For the last 20 years, Jinbonet has been a consistent and courageous voice in resisting state regulation of the internet that violates people's rights in Korea.

KICTANet: Is privacy a concern for mobile phone users in Africa?

Is privacy a concern for mobile phone users in Africa? How important is it to raise awareness about this issue? APC member KICTANet explores these questions in a series of interviews gathered in this video.

Conversations with campaigners: Looking back at 2018’s Take Back the Tech!

Each year, Take Back the Tech! brings together activists and organisations from around the world for 16 days to discuss, raise awareness and develop strategies to address the issue of online gender-based violence.

What is a feminist approach to research and documentation of online gender-based violence?

As we embark on a new year of #metoo and other forms of powerful testimonial movements, the wisdom shared in January’s Take Back the Tech!

#KeepitOn: Joint letter on keeping the internet open and secure in Nigeria

The #KeepItOn Coalition, made up by more than 180 organisations from over 68 countries, including APC, calls on the Nigerian authorities to keep the internet open during the upcoming elections in the country.
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