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Why is it so hard to implement innovation?

One word: 'Culture'.
Culture is the single biggest hurdle any established organization has to go over to become truly innovative. Why? It's simple: innovation is not just about stuff you do, it's about who you are as a company; it is a culture.
It is not just about thinking up new ideas, nor even about implementing those ideas.

Please share your ideas on how Open Data can help eradicate rural poverty

We’d like to hear your ideas of how Open Data could be used to help eradicate poverty and improve public services in rural India. 

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APC launches "Feminist Principles of the Internet" at 2014 Internet Governance Forum

3 September 2014
(Nadine Moawad for APCNews)

On 1 September 2014, APC launched the “Feminist Principles of the Internet” at the Sexual Rights Pr

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