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The past 30 days in technology for development

Making digital rights and internet governance conversations appealing and relatable with new media

I have always been of the opinion that POLICY IS BORING, I say this every time I have the opportunity to be at gatherings where policy discussions, especially tech/internet  policies are held and I also ask myself all of these times,

How to Safeguard Constituents in Digital Development

At the recent Technology Salon London, we debated How to Safeguard Our Constituents in Digital Development?

Inside the Digital Society: The long and winding road to digital cooperation

This week we'll share a brief summary and some reflections on the Report of the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation.

Stay Safe: Advancing organizational mandates with strong cyber security programmes

(New York, USA) October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (U.S. Department of Homeland Security, ENISA in Europe and more widely). 

Meet Abhinash Das, the host of the @AsiaLangsOnline Twitter account for Oct 15 – Oct 21, 2019

As part of a new social media campaign to celebrate linguistic diversity online throughout Asia, every week a different language activist and advocate will be taking turns managing the @AsiaLangsOnline Twitter account to share their experiences with the revitalization and promotion of their native languages.

EngageMedia is hiring!

Two job opportunities have opened up, and we're happy to share them. For more details and how to apply, read on!

Imagining The Year 2030

Dwayne Carruthers, Communication Specialist, Pulse Lab Jakarta

A need for a sustainable environment discussion in the internet governance space

The five-day training introduced fellows to a wide range of topics and discussions in the internet governance space. Not forgetting the Practicum, which is a practical adaption of multistakeholder discussion and dialogue on a salient issue.

Immaculate Laker from BOSCO Uganda: "I enjoy seeing the lives of the women in rural communities change after connecting to the internet"

This is the third in a series of interviews we will be publishing until the end of the year that highlight the journey, struggles and achievements of women doing work in community networks.
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