#m4D - The Official Twitter Hashtag for Using Mobile Phones for Development

On the Twitter social network, people use hashtags, the "#" symbol followed by letters and numbers or a word to signify a Tweet in relation to a specific subject. For example, the #ICT4D hashtag is employed to represent the use of information and communications technologies for development.
After an exhaustive analysis and multiple interviews with thought leaders, I've come to the conclusion that #m4D is the best hashtag to signify Tweets related to the use of mobile phones in the international development of social and economic advancement in the developing world.


Why #m4D?

Darrell Owen makes case for mobile app labs as #ICT4D (Apps4D)

inveneo posted a photo:

Darrell Owen makes case for mobile app labs as #ICT4D (Apps4D)

Darrell Owen presenting Mobile Applications for Development (Apps4D)
at Business Growth Initiative's beakfast roundtable


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