Pitching social entrepreneurship in the Den

Earlier this week I was invited to London to spend an hour talking to the twenty-five “Join Our Core” semi-finalists, a social entrepreneurship competition set up through a collaboration between Ben & Jerry’s, Ashoka UK and

Young People: the Future of ICT4D?

Reliant, incompetent, self-loving, all-around-pains-in-the-neck: This is the typical stereotype for young professionals in the workforce today. It is often noted that, due to the excessive coddling and praise that they received while growing up, those born in the Millennial Generation (1981+), are much more difficult to accommodate in the corporate world.

Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Remembering a man who believed in non-violence, equality, and freedom for all.

Civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.spoke these powerful words on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC on Aug. 28, 1963:

Episode 14 of the AshokaTECH Podcast: Marc Maxson of Global Giving

On this week's episode of the AshokaTECH Podcast host Alex Budak interviews Marc Maxson, the Manager of Performance Analytics, for Global Giving. 

How to Pull Africa from its Black Hole of Technology?

Africa must move from tech fringes
Let’s face it: Africa is on the downward slope to perdition as far as technology is concerned.

An Interview with DataDyne's Joel Selanikio

About 1 year ago, some colleagues from graduate school and I had the privelage to work with DataDyne for our final project for our studies. We had the opportunity to work with Dr. Joel Selanikio, the co-founder, and evaluate user adoption of DataDyne's EpiSurveyor in Kenya.

Episode 9 of the AshokaTECH Podcast: Interview with the CEO and Co-Founder of Kiva Matt Flannery

On this week’s episode of the AshokaTECH Podcast, host Alex Budak interviews the co-founder and CEO of Matt Flannery.
Kiva empowers individuals to lend to an entrepreneur across the globe through the internet. By combining microfinance with the internet, Kiva creates a global community of people connected through lending.  As of last November, Kiva had facilitated over $100 Million Dollars in loans world-wide, with an extremely high repayment rate of over 98%.

Fab Lab Sets Its Sights on Haiti

Also published on the TechSoup Blog.
I wrote a blog post a few months ago about Fab Lab, a network of community-operated workshops springing up all over the world. I was excited about Fab-Fi, Fab Lab's name for the simple directional antennas they're using to build a mesh wireless network all over Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

Is This High-Tech Facility in Uganda the Start of A New Era in Pharma Manufacturing?

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a meeting at Georgetown University, which featured TLG Capital and members of Quality Chemical Industries Limited (QCIL). QCIL is the first World Health Organization-approved pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in sub-sarahan Africa. Their goals, which include expanding accessibility of antimalarial and antirevtrovirals by guaranteeing affordability and quality drugs.

WiHood Bracelets Make Computer Education Portable

This post contributed by Ashley Metz Cummings.
WiHood - handshake
Across the globe, the computers used in underfunded schools share similar characteristics.  Outdated hardware grumbles to a start each morning to serve classrooms crowded with children.  Slow processors and limited storage space confine the possibilities for learning computer skills and using the Internet.  The students in these classrooms have never dreamt of owning their own PCs and cannot fathom the world on the other side of an Internet connection – they have enough on their minds at home.

Episode 8 of the AshokaTECH Podcast: Interview with Founder Ben Rattray

On this week's episode of the AshokaTECH Podcast, host Alex Budak interviews Ben Rattray, the founder of
Founded in 2005, seeks to be the central platform informing and empowering movements for social change around the most important issues of our time.  From homelessness to genocide, health care to human trafficking, global warming, and more, leverages technology and social media to connect people with one another and organizations to advance their common causes.  

Technology & Social Innovations - Public Discussion Started on SocialEdge

SocialEdge graphic - Technology & Social Innovations discussionSocialEdge kicked off a new discussion yesterday, led by Ashoka's own Rosa Wang.  Continuing on the heels of Tech4Society earlier this month, here's where the discussion starts:
"Technology & Social Innovations

Fridge-less Vaccines - A New 'Hot' Discovery

In the realm of Global Health (and other sectors) the call for measuring changes in global health outcomes is increasingly strong. Considering the multi-millions of dollars that are spent on certain initiatives, these claims are not unfounded.
Although not a health outcome improvement per se, a recent BBC News article highlighted a major breakthrough in the field of vaccine delivery.

The Tech Awards 2010 - Call for Entries

Tech Awards - award in-handThe Tech Awards, a signature program of The Tech Museum, honors innovators from around the world who are applying technology to address humanity’s most urgent challenges.

Road to Hyderabad: T-3 Days

That's the team, or at least a small part of it.  Our team that has gotten us to this moment, just 3 days away from the Tech4Society event.

Alex Brown, the Welfare of Horses and the Effect of Social Media

In this interview from [email protected], Alex Brown, owner of the website Alex Brown Racing, dedicated to the welfare of horses (and saving them from the slaughter house), gives us a first hand account of his experience building the website and its popularity using social media tools including Wikis, discussion forums, YouTube Contests and Twitter.

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