Brazil: DIY Clean Elections

[This guest blog post is by Janet Gunter, a Global Voices Online Author, and adviser to the Eleitor 2010 team]
School children being told to chant candidates’ names by their teachers. Civil servants getting sacked for not campaigning for their political bosses. Zinc roofing being traded for votes. The public wholesaling of voters’ personal data to campaigners. Death threats to those who denounce electoral crimes.
Welcome to the unpleasant side of Brazilian electioneering.
These are just some of the reports coming from Eleitor 2010, a “crowdsourcing” project aiming to facilitate citizen reports of abuses of the electoral process in Brazil.

ACCION gets green light in Brazil…

BOSTON, Jan. 25 — ACCION® International, a pioneer and leader in global microfinance, announced today that Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has approved its application to establish ACCION Microfinancas, a new microfinance organization in the state of Amazonas in Brazil’s remote northern region.  It was in Recife, Brazil that ACCION first pioneered the concept of microlending, in [...]

Episode 5 of the AshokaTECH Podcast: Interview with Howard Weinstein


Photo copyright, Newsweek, 2008
On this week's episode of the AshokaTECH Podcast, host Alex Budak interviews social entrepreneur Howard Weinstein, who is giving the gift of hearing to thousands in the developing world.  Batteries for hearing aids cost about $1US per week, which can be incredibly cost-prohibitive.  Weinstein developed an innovative way of recharging the hearing aids through solar power, reducing cost dramatically and allowing thousands to use hearing aids when they otherwise would not be able to do so. 

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