The Failure of Spectrum Auctions in Africa

Spectrum auctions are widely regarded as “best practice” in the assignment of wireless frequencies where demand exceed availability yet, as of 2013  among African countries, only Nigeria had successfully conducted a spectrum auction.

Using Ushahidi to Monitor the Egyptian Transition

[Guest blog post by Alex Mayyasi, a graduate of Stanford University's International Relations program, class of 2011, living in Cairo, Egypt. Alex interned with the Development and Institutionalization Support Center during Egypt's 2011-2012 parliamentary elections]

Technology gets rid of dictators, but not social classes

Since the Arab Spring uprisings, human rights activists worldwide have championed the power of technology, mainly the Internet and mobile phones, as tools for democracy and change. Evidence shows that they are right, social media played a role in bringing down dictatorships in the Middle East and North Africa.

Africa: Opportunity Awaits

(by Muchiri Nyaggah & Niti Bhan from Semacraft. Semacraft is a research and consulting company that focuses on Africa and things digital in Africa)

Daring to Hope in the Land of Pharaoh: Monitoring the Egyptian Elections Using Ushahidi

[Guest blog post by Anonymous]
Two months ago I started working on a project hosted by the Development and Institutionalization Support Center “DISC” in Cairo on the use of the Ushahidi platform to monitor the upcoming parliamentary election 2010. Despite the pessimism and the despair about the political situation in the country, the undercurrent of digital activism is tangible

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