Top ICT4D Hardware Challenges Webinar Powerpoint Presentation

Our Executive Director, Bruce Baikie, recently co-presented at the Engineering for Change webinar on September 24th, 2014. Along with Dr. Laura Hosman, Assistant Professor at Cal Poly in California, he discussed Inveneo’s recent findings on the top ICT4D hardware challenges throughout the world, particularly in emerging markets.

How Much Gas Do You Emit?

This post was submitted by Preethi Sundararaman, an Ashoka Summer Associate working with the FEC Healthcare for All team.

Rethinking innovation

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to talk about our work with FrontlineSMS at the National Geographic Explorers Symposium in Washington DC. A big part of what we do is to try and take the mobile message to an entirely new audience, and to help people re-think what innovation means in the developing world, using mobile technology as our lead.

Bloom Box Wave of the Future?

Bloom Energy's backyard power plant could promise cheap and clean energy for all and deliver a serious blow to climate change.


Recycling car batteries in Rural Kenya

Maina, Rhoda and little Winnie are  a typical Kenyan family who live on the outskirts of Nairobi in an area that has no electricity.
But they have solved the problem of getting the daily news
rhoda family2
When I visited their home I was impressed that despite the lack of electricity, Maina has come up with an innovative solution and is able to keep up with whats going on and listen to his favourite Kikuyu music all day long!

Talking clean energy in Vegas

Speaking of gambling...Streaming live from Las Vegas, it's the National Clean Energy Summit, featuring (among others) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, and UN Foundation boss Tim Wirth.

How many lightbulbs does it take to change global warming?

Well, many. But, according to the S-G, it can make a big difference:
Recently, I visited an ambitious project to promote energy-saving lighting in China. By phasing out old-fashioned incandescent lightbulbs and introducing a new generation of lighting, China expects to cut national energy consumption by 8 per cent.

Decreasing the cost of your social invention

Some inventions and technologies can change the world but in reality are too expensive for the average "Bottom of the Pyramid" consumer. 

Highlight: Ashoka-Lemelson Fellow Joseph Adelegan

Ashoka-Lemelson Fellow Joseph Adelegan (Nigeria) is developing a commercially viable product that converts cow excrement into cooking gas.  The biodigester product, named "Cows to Kilowatts," offers farmers access to cheap energy while reducing river and groundwater contamination.  Take a look at his interview on CNN:

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