Green ICT: Taking Major Leaps to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Businesses


From India to South Korea and beyond, businesses worldwide are scrambling to reduce their carbon footprint and trying to operate with a higher degree of environmental sustainability.

Update from the iWitness Pollution project

[Guest post by Anna Hrybyk of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade. This ongoing environmental project started in May 2010 in response to the Gulf Oil Spill. Since that time, it continues to evolve environmental mapping. Anna Hrybyk has been working on public health issues since 1998. She is currently working as a Program Manager for the Refinery Efficiency Initiative.]

Sponsor the eMazingira team for the World Summit Youth?

Congratulations to the eMazingira team for being selected as a Runner-Up in the 2011 World Summit Youth Award! The eMagingira Environmental Campaign has been selected by the WSYA Jury 2011 as the WSYA Runner-Up in the 2011 competition and will be issued with a certificate/trophy at the Winners’ Event 2011 in Graz,

The Environmental Network

Date: Thursday 2nd June, 2011
Venue: Aspen Environment Forum, Aspen, Colorado
Chair: Ned Breslin
Speakers: Ken Banks, William Powers, Courtney Hight, Charles Porch

The Environmental Network

Ninja Turtles a problem in UK

Ninja Turtles, taken as pets when the series was hot, are now being disgarded into lakes in the UK, just like their chipmunk brethren before them.

The BBC is reporting (

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