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How to Reduce Misinformation with ICTs in Rural Kenya

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USAID Practitioners Toolkit: Interactive Radio for Agricultural Development Projects

For decades now, radio has been a dominant source of information for farmers in much of sub-Saharan Africa. Although the reach of radio varies from country to country, it is estimated that between 80 and 90 percent of households in Africa have access to a functional radio.

8 Lessons Learned to Improve ICT-enabled FM Radio Station Sustainability

Recently, the African Farm Radio Research Initiative sought to test the effectiveness of a new radio campaign model developed by Farm Radio International: the participatory radio campaign (PRC). AFRRI’s research indicates there is a strong correlation between farmers listening to episodes of a radio campaign and going forward to adopt a new agricultural practice.

Radio Communautaire et centre multimedia dans une zone rurale du Burkina Faso

Fondé sur un rapport final de projet ainsi que de conclusions résumant plusieurs réunions de
groupes de réflexions, ce rapport est destiné à tous les acteurs dans le domaine de l’agriculture et du développement rural ainsi qu’aux institutions désirant mettre en œuvre un projet semblable à Pag LaYiri au Burkina Faso.

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