Doing good? Or do-gooder?

We all like to think our work makes a difference, even if we’re not really sure if it does. I’m well known for ‘doing good in the world’ yet even I question what that really means, or who precisely where might be better off in some way because of my chosen career path. For many people, feeling like they’re doing good is likely enough. For me, it’s not.

A Jamii Bora Story-the Power of Tech Meets the Power of People

I’ve written previously about Jamii Bora’s biometric card and POS microfinance banking system, but I haven’t written about the amazing people we met there.  For as much as we talk about the power of technology, I think it’s important to remember that the power of technology often pales in comparison to the power of the people using it.  With that, here’s a story from our visit to Jamii Bora, one that I won’t be forgetting for a long time:

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