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Hurricane Sandy in Maps

As the North Eastern coast of the US and Canada prepare for Hurricane Sandy, so has the crisismapping community. Citizens helping citizens during emergencies is important. We hope that you are safe and prepared. From the Google Crisis Response map, you can see the storm’s progression.

Huffington Post: Microfinance: Keeping the Mission When Non-Profits Become For-Profits…

By Elisabeth Rhyne
Posted: August 9, 2010 01:36 PM
Most people with a lively interest in microfinance know that the majority of microloans dispensed throughout the world today come from for-profit microfinance institutions, rather than donation-dependent non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
What may be less recognized is how these for-profit MFIs were born. Many [...]

‘HuffPost Innovators’ features InVenture Fund: A “Micro-Venture Capital Fund”…

Number of Employees: 5
Based In: Santa Monica, California
Founded: 2009
Funded By: Self-funded
Audacious Five-Year Plan: To become the global leader in “micro-equity”
Intended to help struggling entrepreneurs, microfinance loans can end up being a burden. A new nonprofit wants to offer startups who’ve previously borrowed from microfinance providers with interest-free funds — on the condition they reinvest in [...]

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