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ICT Policy Specialist: The ICT Sector Unit of the World Bank is recruiting an ICT Policy Specialist through the JPPAD (Junior Professionals Program for Afro-Descendants and US Minorities).

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Network Operations Engineer: Inveneo needs someone to set up network operations centers to monitor and support telecommunications networks in the rural and developing world.

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ICT Consultants: The World Bank needs several ICT consultants in the following countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kenya, Moldova, and Tanzania.

Gordon Brown Says Africa's Best Hope is ICT

Gordon Brown walking through Kibera Slums with Raila Odinga in 2005
It is interesting to hear Gordon Brown, UK's most recent past Prime Minister, talk about technology's opportunity in Africa during an address to the African Union:

Two Ways The African Union Can Take ICT Seriously

At the 14th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of African Union, Bingu wa Mutharika, the African Union (AU) chairperson, has called upon member countries to take information and communication technologies seriously.

I could not agree more. I salute African Union's call to truly embrace ICT as a facilitator of development and progress across all African nations. I also call on the African Union to follow up its declaration with the following two changes across its membership:
1. Open and Competitive ICT Markets

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