Negotiating for Change

This week I am leading a four-part seminar on interest-based negotiation skills at the iHub. The short course is open to Ushahidi team members, m:lab incubatees, and the general iHub community. It builds off of two talks I gave earlier in the summer for the Pivot East and Tech4Africa conferences, but provides much more time for dialogue and a full-blown negotiation simulation.

The real point of global hackathons

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TL;DR: it’s global community!

Making All Voices Count Launched

Since a few weeks back you have been able to apply to the Making All Voices Count (MAVC) fund for grant money for your project on innovation, scaling up and research. We, Ushahidi, manage the innovation component of the fund.

Weekly: Umati & BRCK Videos, Crowdmap in Action

What a Week! The whole team wants to fall over with all the product delivery. In this week’s report, more about BRCK and Crowdmap Public Beta. Plus, we’ve got a Deployment of the Week from Pakistan and a google hangout all about monitoring Dangerous Speech with the Umati Research.

Uchaguzi Simulation 2012

Ushahidi was born out of a flawed election. The post election violence in 2008 following the fractious Kenyan election season of 2007 highlighted the need for a tool that allowed ordinary citizens to report on incidences that would otherwise have been under reported or completed unreported.

iHub Nairobi, 1 Year Later

The iHub is Ushahidi’s base in East Africa. It’s an open co-working and community space that we built out last year, and that we share with the rest of Nairobi’s vibrant tech community. It’ one year old now, and we’re having a little celebration to appreciate the community who makes it all happen.

Uchaguzi: Kenya Video and Press Release

(video by Jon Shuler)

Here’s our press release on Uchaguzi in Kenya.
News Release:
Contact name: Erik Hersman
Phone: 0729 157 257
Contact email: [email protected]

Ushahidi 101: Calling All Developers

Following the recent Swift River ‘crash course’ at the iHub, we are planning a similar event for developers interested in getting involved in contributing to Ushahidi. This is the second Ushahidi 101 session the first having primarily focused on Ushahidi from a deployment point of view, this one will focus more on developing the application and contributing to the code base.

HIVOS funding and Ushahidi

HIVOS-logoToday it’s our pleasure to announce support from the Hivos Foundation, a Dutch non-governmental organization that aims to contribute to a fair, free and sustainable world. Hivos confirmed their support to Ushahidi several weeks ago, but we’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to put their funds to use. The recent deployment in Haiti presents just such an occasion.

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