The Internet Is U-Shaped

When we think about the problem of achieving affordable access to the Internet for all, the discussion often focuses on broadband targets.  These targets are moving goalposts as infrastructure improves.  Broadband used to be defined at 256Kbps, now it might be 2Mbps or 5Mbps or something else depending on who you talk to.

How to Think About Universal Access

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that any person in possession of a mobile phone must be in want of an Internet connection.  Please allow that mangling of Jane Austen to exist as a placeholder for the assumption that everyone having affordable access to communication infrastructure

126 Million Reasons to Use Mobile Solutions in Education

126 million. The old adage says that there is strength in numbers, but in this case it is a sign of a global society that either cares too little or is not imaginative enough to explore new possibilities.

Cape Town to Lunenburg

Yesterday I touched down with my family in Halifax, Canada, our new home for the next few years.

Sympathy for the Tinkerer

(c) FreeFoto.comTinkering gets a bad rap and I am making it my personal mission to rehabil

What I liked about the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

Guilty admission. I am a fault finder.  Show me a perfect rose and I will find the petal that is slightly wilted. Or at least that’s how I grew up. I’ve spent much of my adult life learning to behave differently but it still comes out from time to time. What’s wrong with being critical?

Learning together

OLPCorps posted a photo:

Primary 1 and 2 kids help each other out

Building a Server Box

Today I had arranged with James to meet a carpenter and work with him to build our server box. I have a good general knowledge of carpentry and had designed what I wanted to make but I have no tools here, don’t know where a lumber mill is, and don’t know where a hardware store is for the necessary hinges. When I arrived at the carpenters (8am I might add) we walked two blocks to a lumber yard tucked away in an alley. Two (roughly) 12’ pieces of hardwood one foot wide each ran about $10 but it looked like the wood had been tortured before being stacked for sale.

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