Use Ninite to Install Multiple Applications at Once - an ICTworks Tech Tip

There are hundreds of free software applications available available online, some more useful than others, but all are available free of charge if you are willing to put in the work to hunt them down and wade through the installers. Not always a trivial task.

Usage of Open Source and Proprietary Software in Ghana


As part of FOSS Advocacy in West Africa and Beyond - (FOSSWAY), Worlali Senyo recently captured key findings in a comparison of Proprietary Software (PS) and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) usage in Ghana. Below is a summary of his findings.
Most people use Proprietary Software

Xtra Ordinary 2010: the XO Laptop OS Evolved

I was checking out the forums of some recently added items to the catalog when I found a really interesting post about recent updates to Enlightenment .17 (aka E17). I had been following development of E17 for several years, and it has replaced other desktop environments numerous times on my PC, but I always ended up going back to something else simply because there were just too many things missing.

XKCD: Supported Features

The mockery of Linux development in today's XKCD is pure genius:-D

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