London Technology Salon: How Can We Empower Women and Girls with Mobiles?

We would be delighted to invite you to RSVP to join a select cohort of thought leaders and decision makers for the first Technology Salon in London, where Henriette Kolb, Cherie Blair Foundation for W

SwiftRiver Update

SwiftRiver at TED
For the past two weeks I’ve been in the UK doing quite a bit of work to answer questions, conduct interviews and even give a few talks about the SwiftRiver platform. I hosted our second SwiftRiver 101 in central London and held private sessions with a number of media groups interested in finding out more about the platform and it’s capabilities.

Interview at Africa Gathering

Filmed at the Africa Gathering event in London last Saturday, this short interview with Jonathan Marks covers the history, thinking and use of FrontlineSMS, and contains some priceless footage of over 100 Africa Gathering attendees doing an impression of the FrontlineSMS logo.

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