Mapping the Unserved

As connectivity becomes increasingly valuable to everyone, access to communication is becoming as important as access to other kinds of basic infrastructure.  As a result there is an increased urgency to make affordable communication infrastructure accessible to ALL citizens.

Ushahidi supports Mozambique general election.

Ushahidi team members recently provided blogger training and deployment consultation for the Txeka-la initiative monitoring the Mozambique general election and engaging community through mapping. From the Canadian High Commission YouTube post:

Auto-Detection of Location with Swift

The following post was written by a volunteer developer, Vladimir G. Ermakov a Master’s student at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania. Over the past few months he took on an ambitious project: to contribute code that would allow us to parse news articles and attempt to auto-detect the primary location that is the subject of any given text.

Mapping with mGESA: Mobile GEographical Services for Africa

This article was originally written  by Linda Raftree on her blog. Linda is an ICT4D practitioner. The article was also featured on Inveneo’s ICTWorks blog.

mgesamGESA mobile mapping application

Uchaguzi: Monitoring the Tanzania Elections

Ushahidi is excited to announce it’s deployment of Uchaguzi TZ, an elections monitoring program for Tanzania’s October 31st national elections. The platform has built off the successes of Uchaguzi Kenya to include 2,000 monitors in Tanzania, 30,000 trusted sources, plus messages from the crowd. Uchaguzi TZ’s shortcode is 15540, and we’ve already started receiving and mapping messages a week before the election. Check out the map as it continues to fill up with reports in the lead-up to the elections this Sunday!

Rapid Response Fund for Ushahidi

The Ushahidi community has been the main driver for the platform’s success. Here is an opportunity for fans, friends and Ushahidians everywhere to take part in a project that gives an added chance to Ushahidi deployments in the hardest hit areas of the world.

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