Top Highlights from the #ICTchat Twitter Discussion on Digital Payments

Yesterday’s #ICTchat Twitter Chat was a huge success! Our #ICTchat hashtag brought in over 2.5 million impressions on Twitter with 839 tweets and 135 contributors. Our participants were from The United States, Uganda, and Nigeria to name a few.

Twitter Chat on July 18th: ICTs in Disaster Management

Natural disasters hit communities around the world leaving paths of destruction that often take years to rebuild. ICTs are used to manage relief efforts, but how effective are they?

Which ICT4D Projects Use Progressive Design Principles?


USAID is gathering information on ICT4D projects or activities that have embodied progressive project design principles to show how these principals can help technology projects be more effective, save money, and expand th

How Can Digital Marketing Improve East African Development Outcomes?

More and more East Africans are going online every day. Many of these new netizens are also key development actors – from the wealthy and connected who can direct resources and change policy to the poor and underserved who we are often trying to reach. In our efforts to mobilize them, find new BOP markets, and expand opportunity, what technology medium works the best?

6 Guidelines for Better Development Outcomes Using Social Media

In the next few years, another 2 billion people will be coming online; transforming the Internet from what once was an elite network of the world’s privileged to a democratizer of information and power. This wave of new users will mainly enter the Internet via mobile phones on social networks.

Technology Tools for Customer Feedback in Emerging Markets


Customer Experience relies on an ongoing conversation with your customer, and there are many ways that this can be done.

Dialogue is Participation at Technology Salons

The recent Technology Salon "Will the new .Africa domain name have development impact?" represented for me an above average collision of minds over the matters of life and learning and the impact that domain ownership and the concerns for development bear on them.

The Complete List of 79 Academic ICT4D Journals and Publications

One source of continuous frustration for ICT4D researchers is the glacial pace of academia. One has to submit papers 8 months in advance for conferences that are over a year away - like ICTD. Or it usually takes about 2 years minimum to get a paper published in a journal.

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